Virtual St. Joseph Altar

St. Joseph Altars in the News

4 months ago
Just a few recent news links:St. Joseph will be honored with abundance of altars Metairie's St...

The Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Open!

5 months ago
The 2017 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is now open. This is our 19th year!Visit the Altar...

Prayers for the Dead 2017

5 months ago
This is a place to request prayers for deceased loved ones.Simply list your deceased family and...

What Does the Prayer Really Say?

“For goodness’ sake, own your faith, Fr. Mart...

1 hour ago
Over at Crisis there is a piece by Rev. Mr. Jim Russell entitled “A Final Word On Fr. Martin...

Registration Issue

3 hours ago
The blog registration form has been under attack lately.   To deal with this I tried to do...

When the ghost of Gene Roddenberry designs a...

1 day ago
“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” So runs the popular phrase. I hope with all my...

Whispers in the Loggia

Quo Vadis?

2 weeks ago
To be sure, the Vatican doesn't observe The 4th... still, the place's annual obsession with...

Ambrose, Charles, Montini, Martini... and Mar...

2 weeks ago
And so, after months of anticipation, the Big One has arrived – arguably the most significant...

For the New Cathedral, Un Nuevo Obispo – At L...

3 weeks ago
For all the twists and turns (and loops) of an eventful vacancy in Eastern North Carolina's 59-...

Word on Fire - Fr. Robert Barron

In Defense of Breakdancing Priests

13 hours ago
A recent video of two breakdancing priests sparked a conversation about the role of priests and...

The Hole in Reason's Ceiling

1 day ago
The relationship between faith and reason has profound effects on how we ought to understand the...

Agnostic “None” to Campus Minister: The “CATH...

2 days ago
In the work of evangelization, we rarely know where the seeds we've sown might take fruit....

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome

ZENIT News in Text Format

1 year ago
Today's news dispatch: Jan. 14, 2016 Read more

Homeless in Rome Attend the Circus

1 year ago
Apostolic Almoner Reports That 2,000 Poor Invited to Rony Roller Circus Read more

Pope Lauds Youth Preparing to Build ‘World of...

1 year ago
Addresses Young People for Jubilee Read more