Musical Theology

5 hours ago
Musical Theology By Rita FerroneAugust 21, 2017 In recent years, thinkers such as...

Letter from Canada

5 days ago
Letter from Canada By Michael W. HigginsAugust 16, 2017 In 1967 I was a seminarian...

A Wake-Up Call for the Catholic Church

5 days ago
A Wake-Up Call for the Catholic Church By John GehringAugust 16, 2017 If there was...


St Bernard of Clairvaux

23 hours ago
St. Bernard did write great works, to become the character most of insight of his century, but his...

Blessed Guerric of Igny

2 days ago
Blessed Guerric of Igny (1070-80 – 1160) is a stellar example of someone who followed in the...

St Bernard Tolomei

2 days ago
“God is love… and in the strength of that blessed love All goods are obtained and everything...

Creative Minority Report

Study: God Mentioned in All State Constitutio...

4 hours ago
A new study from Pew Research Center finds that "God or the divine is mentioned at least once in...

Clergy Come Out in Favor of the Government Si...

4 hours ago
A letter signed by more than 4,000 faith leaders from all 50 states was publicized and sent to...

At "Pride Night" for St. Louis Card...

3 days ago
I wonder if he'll throw like a girl. Or how about this one. I bet he throws two balls.Or as Weasel...

Credo Catholic

Confusion on Abortion, Confession, and the Po...

1 year ago
Guest Blogger, Benedict T. NguyenThere is a lot of confusion going on today about the Pope’s letter...

Of missions and mercy

2 years ago
In case some of you are keeping track, we have completed another cross-country move. God's...

Out of an endless summer

2 years ago
This year I missed out on experiencing the seasons as I always had. We moved to Florida from...

Crisis Magazine - Church

C.S. Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew

14 hours ago
For those who are concerned with important books, The Magician’s Nephew should be a concern. It is...

“Oh, No! You Want to be a Nun?”

15 hours ago
I am in the unusual position—for this century, anyway—of being the mother of a young woman who has...

When Cows Became Horses

15 hours ago
In a distant place and a distant time, there lived an enlightened king. He was a righteous and...

Decent Films Guide

Back to school #WebsiteWednesday

2 years ago
It’s been a hot week here at XYZ’s sunny Santa Monica office, so we’re beyond excited for the fall...

XYZ is hosting August’s SoCal Domainers Meetu...

2 years ago
And you’re invited! In LA? Join us for this month’s SoCal Domainers Meetup, hosted by yours...

What makes a great domain?

2 years ago
#GenXYZ, have you taken TheChallenge.xyz yet? If you think you can register the best domain name...

Defend Us in Battle

Suffering makes us seek the light.

2 years ago
Suffering, little sufferings, big sufferings – it makes us seek the light. In larger...

Comméndo te omnipoténti Deo, caríssima soror

2 years ago
I commend you, my dear sister, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you return to...

“It was fitting that Christ should be tempted...

2 years ago
As someone drawn to Dominican spirituality, and as a Thomist, I read “Meditations for Lent...

Diocese of Westminster

‘Yes’ to the Lord’s Calling

1 month ago
On 31st May, the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady, Bishop Nicholas officiated the Solemn...

‘Yes’ to the Lord’s Calling

1 month ago
On 31st May, the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady, Bishop Nicholas officiated the Solemn...

Seven Men Ordained to Priesthood

1 month ago
Cardinal Vincent ordained seven men to the priesthood at Westminster Cathedral on the Nativity of...


The Son Eclipsed

8 hours ago
As a child, I found Jesus’ interaction with the rich young man from today’s Gospel deeply troubling...

Lectio Divina Now!

3 days ago
Scripture is read in public to feed even children, and in secret to suspend even sublime minds in...

Piano Piano

4 days ago
There is a piece of rhymed Italian popular wisdom that serves as a great principle for the...

Dust of the Time

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EWTN - US Latest News

Court okays Ark. ban on Planned Parenthood...

2 days ago
Little Rock, Ark., Aug 19, 2017 / 04:02 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Arkansas may block tens of thousands...

Richmond's Bishop DiLorenzo passes away...

3 days ago
Richmond, Va., Aug 18, 2017 / 11:16 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo of...

FOCUS expands to 15 new campuses this year

3 days ago
Denver, Colo., Aug 18, 2017 / 07:23 am (EWTN News/CNA).- The Fellowship of Catholic University...

EWTN - Vatican News

'Arbitrary expulsions' won't s...

11 hours ago
Vatican City, Aug 21, 2017 / 05:00 am (EWTN News/CNA).- In his message for the next World Day of...

Pope Francis prays for end to 'inhuman v...

1 day ago
Vatican City, Aug 20, 2017 / 09:22 am (EWTN News/CNA).- On Sunday Pope Francis prayed for the...

Pope prays for victims, rescue workers of Sie...

5 days ago
Vatican City, Aug 16, 2017 / 08:54 am (EWTN News/CNA).- With hundreds dead and nearly 600 more...