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Is Ascension a Holy Day of Obligation?

2 years ago
The 40th day of Easter is Ascension Thursday, the day on which (the Bible tells us) Jesus Christ,...

Ascension Thursday Sunday?

2 years ago
A reader writes: Why is Ascension Thursday a Holy Day of Obligation in some areas [of the United...

World Day of Prayer for the Church in China

2 years ago
In May 2007, Pope Benedict XVI released a Letter to Chinese Catholics, in which he asked that May...


Advanced Mercy: Loving the In-Laws #OTEM

2 hours ago
This post is part of our Ordinary Time, Extraordinary Mercy series, in which CatholicMom.com...

Facing down the 'holier than thou'...

4 hours ago
Have you ever been accused — or felt the silent insinuation of it at least — of being...

7 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Kids in 4-H

5 hours ago
Confession: I’m a ten-year, fourth-generation 4-H alum. This post is totally biased, because...

Chiesa Italy

A Pope Like None Before. Somewhat Protestant

4 days ago
The idyll between Francis and the followers of Luther. The alarm of cardinals and bishops against...

Brandmüller: “The Resignat...

1 week ago
The German cardinal, an authoritative historian of Christianity, weighs in on the ever more...

Jesus Will Return From the East. But at the V...

1 week ago
The Holy See disowns Cardinal Sarah, who wants all the priests and faithful at Mass to be “...

Church Mojo

A million .xyz domains

1 year ago
#GenXYZ, it’s official. We hit the MILLIONTH* .xyz domain mark! As a team, we had to do something...

Talking SEO on the Productive Catholic Podcas...

1 year ago
On May 7, 2015 I appeared on Dean Soto’s Productive Catholic podcast. Here are some of the...

#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday...

1 year ago
Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen...


St Mary Magdalen

2 days ago
The entire Church rejoices today on this feast of Saint Mary Magdalen, the first to witness to the...

Organic Vinegar –monastic style

5 days ago
Outside Poughkeepsie, NY there is a Benedictine Hermit, Brother Victor-Antione d’Avila...

By what intention do we judge?

1 week ago
These days are tense.  We are faced with important decisions by which we engage others. At a recent...

Creative Minority Report

Resistance Is Futile: Vatican Power Politics

1 hour ago
Over at the Remnant, I discuss the latest political power plays out of the Vatican and ultimately...

When To Cut Your Child's Ties To a Frien...

3 hours ago
This is what you call crowdsource parenting.My teenage daughter has been friends with this other...

Don't Worry Debbie. Last Convention, Dem...

5 hours ago
Watch as Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets booed off the stage this morning at the Florida delegate...

Credo Catholic

Confusion on Abortion, Confession, and the Po...

10 months ago
Guest Blogger, Benedict T. NguyenThere is a lot of confusion going on today about the Pope’s letter...

Of missions and mercy

1 year ago
In case some of you are keeping track, we have completed another cross-country move. God's...

Out of an endless summer

1 year ago
This year I missed out on experiencing the seasons as I always had. We moved to Florida from...

Crisis Magazine - Church

Is “Pro-life and Gay” Possible?

12 hours ago
Can someone who promotes the LGBT agenda ever truly be considered an ally of the pro-life movement...

A Nuclear-Armed Caliphate?

12 hours ago
Much has been made of the Islamic State’s claim to the caliphate. But the Islamic State is fast...

Jungle Fever: Reading for the Heart of the Su...

13 hours ago
There is something distantly primal and tribal about summer, when sunny days and sultry nights seem...

Decent Films Guide

Back to school #WebsiteWednesday

11 months ago
It’s been a hot week here at XYZ’s sunny Santa Monica office, so we’re beyond excited for the fall...

XYZ is hosting August’s SoCal Domainers Meetu...

11 months ago
And you’re invited! In LA? Join us for this month’s SoCal Domainers Meetup, hosted by yours...

What makes a great domain?

1 year ago
#GenXYZ, have you taken TheChallenge.xyz yet? If you think you can register the best domain name...

Defend Us in Battle

Suffering makes us seek the light.

11 months ago
Suffering, little sufferings, big sufferings – it makes us seek the light. In larger...

Comméndo te omnipoténti Deo, caríssima soror

1 year ago
I commend you, my dear sister, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you return to...

“It was fitting that Christ should be tempted...

1 year ago
As someone drawn to Dominican spirituality, and as a Thomist, I read “Meditations for Lent...

Diocese of Westminster

Six New Priests for the Diocese

3 weeks ago
On Saturday 25 June, six men were ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Vincent at Westminster...

Six New Priests for the Diocese

1 month ago
On Saturday 25 June, six men were ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Vincent at Westminster...

Candidacy Celebrated at Allen Hall

1 month ago
On Saturday 28 May,six men in formation at Allen Hall Seminary were admitted as Candidates for Holy...


The Field of Stars

9 hours ago
“Grant us to sit, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your glory.” (Mark 10:36) The...

Maudlin Preaching

3 days ago
Should joy characterize our Christian lives s whend evangelical efforts? The knee-jerk swiftness...

Living with Dying

4 days ago
Make us know the shortness of our life in order that we may gain wisdom of heart...