Catholic Vote

This Democrat called his opponent anti-woman....

16 hours ago
Democrat Rep. Gary Peters of suburban Detroit is normally a very strong campaigner. But he’s...

10 Great Jokes told by Saint John XXIII

1 day ago
  If you’re like me, your idea of the papacy for most of your life was synonymous with a...

John Paul II, Abortion, and Democracy

1 day ago
Pope John Paul II–who will be canonized this Sunday–is well known as a strong critic of...

Catholic Web Services

Sweet Tweets for April 25, 2014 – The “Popefe...

10 hours ago
This edition of Sweet Tweets this week is being posted here at Catholic Web Services, because my...

Finding Images for Your Website & Blog

3 months ago
Google has just made finding images that you can use without worrying about licensing and...

Catholic New Media Conference in Boston

6 months ago

Catholicism Blog on About.com

Novena of the Week: Easter Prayer for Life

2 days ago
The Easter season, between Easter and Pentecost Sunday, is a foretaste of the life of the world to...

The 50 Days of Easter

2 days ago
Which season is longer, Christmas or Easter? Well, Easter Sunday is just one day, while there are...

Christ Is Risen!

4 days ago
Today is Easter, the greatest feast in the Christian calendar. From His death on Good Friday,...


John Paul II canonized as Theology of the Bod...

32 min ago
John Paul II canonized as Theology of the Body turns 35 Theology of the Body Institute sponsors...

Daily Gospel Reflection for April 24, 2014

1 hour ago
Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:35-48 The apostles heard the witness of the holy women and the...

It’s the Way We Turn

12 hours ago
I often fret that I’m doing it all wrong, this parenting stuff.  I’ve heard it said that we will...

Chiesa Italy

Vatican Diary / Francis has a new secretary....

1 day ago
And he is also very polemical with Islam. He is the Egyptian Yoannis Lahzi Gaid. A criticism of...

Masterpieces of Gregorian Chant / The introit...

5 days ago
It is the opening chant of the Sunday of the Resurrection. Here in a brand-new performance...

Holy Thursday. Self-portrait of Fr. Jorge

1 week ago
In the homily for the Chrism Mass, extensive and entirely from his own hand, Pope Francis draws a...

Church Mojo

How Church Imitates Baseball – #OpeningDay

3 weeks ago
Opening Day in 2014 falls right after Laetare Sunday, giving us two opportunities to recognize that...

Mass Madness Church Brackets

1 month ago
March Madness brackets for Catholics and church-goers. Who do you have going to the Faithful Four?...

Take an Ash Wednesday Selfie and Use #Ashtag

1 month ago
Want to spread the word about the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday? There are plenty of ways for your...


The earth is God’s gift to all of us

1 day ago
Earth Day bears us to recall what Pope Benedict XVI said: “On this earth there is room for...

50 days of savoring the Easter Presence

2 days ago
Here is this year’s Easter Poster from Communion and Liberation, the concrete place in the Church...

Easter Monday: newness of life

2 days ago
Easter Monday brings with it a new emphasis changing the old into new: old leaven is out, and new...

Creative Minority Report

The Most Dangerous Sign in the World

6 hours ago
An Easter message on a public school sign. Insert secularist freakout here.A local news affiliate...

Down Syndrome Discovery Has Implications for...

15 hours ago
*subhead*Small changes, big effects*subhead*The 21st human chromosome is the smallest of all our...

I'm Not Offended

20 hours ago
Who'd have thought that that a little thing like the internet could transform the greatest country...

Credo Catholic

Lenten update

2 years ago
I knew it was going to be incredibly difficult.But I thought I would try it anyway. Giving up foods...

O happy Lent!

2 years ago
One of the things I've been wanting to tackle in my own life is discipline, so when I was...

Celebrating marriage!

2 years ago
Last weekend, my husband was invited to speak in Altoona atSt. Mary’s parish. It was a dinner event...

Crisis Magazine - Church

Why Silencing Christians will Continue

2 hours ago
The number of subjects we cannot talk about in public discourse are rapidly multiplying. The older...

Common Core’s Rotten Core

2 hours ago
Despite recent defense rallies by Bill Gates, wars are raging against the embattled Common Core...

Catholicism: Scandalous in Every Age

1 day ago
A few weeks ago, a Catholic priest caused quite a stir in one of our local diocesan high schools....

Decent Films Guide

Post: Captain America: The Winter Soldier [vi...

1 week ago
I like Lawrence Toppman’s comment on this one: “This sequel is, by design, entirely...

Post: God’s Not Dead [video] (2014)

1 week ago
I took two minutes to talk about this one, and still got in less than half of what bothered me...

Post: Special “Reel Faith&#8221...

1 week ago
Two notable back-to-back Decent Films events tonight!

Defend Us in Battle

Enter the Triduum

6 days ago
I was going to write a post about “Feet Washing” and then I realized why I haven’...

Help if you can…

1 month ago
These types of tragedies are part of the world, one to which we do not belong but must spend our...

Lions and Lambs

1 month ago
Stole this from Terry. It is fitting. Shea backs Voris – read all about it.