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Is Ascension a Holy Day of Obligation?

1 year ago
The 40th day of Easter is Ascension Thursday, the day on which (the Bible tells us) Jesus Christ,...

Ascension Thursday Sunday?

1 year ago
A reader writes: Why is Ascension Thursday a Holy Day of Obligation in some areas [of the United...

World Day of Prayer for the Church in China

1 year ago
In May 2007, Pope Benedict XVI released a Letter to Chinese Catholics, in which he asked that May...


Daily Gospel Reflection for May 5, 2016 - Asc...

55 min ago
Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:46-53 – Ascension of Our Lord “Thus it is written,...

More than Being Right

12 hours ago
Being truthful has a broader meaning than being just right or correct. Truth includes not just...

Her Superpower is Love

13 hours ago
  There are a lot of people I look up to. There are a few I call heroes. I am thinking of one...

Chiesa Italy

Instructions For Not Losing the Way in the La...

6 hours ago
Intentionally written in a vague form, the post-synodal exhortation allows two opposite ways out. A...

Jews. The Discord of the Four Brothers

3 days ago
They celebrated Passover together, but then they went their separate ways again. The four subgroups...

The German Option of the Argentine Pope

1 week ago
Cardinal Kasper and the progressive wing of the Church of Germany have gotten what they wanted. On...

Church Mojo

A million .xyz domains

10 months ago
#GenXYZ, it’s official. We hit the MILLIONTH* .xyz domain mark! As a team, we had to do something...

Talking SEO on the Productive Catholic Podcas...

12 months ago
On May 7, 2015 I appeared on Dean Soto’s Productive Catholic podcast. Here are some of the...

#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday...

1 year ago
Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen...


Saint Catherine of Siena

5 days ago
As the image shows, Saint Catherine of Siena cutting her hair and putting aside her beautiful...

Good Friday for the Orthodox Christians

5 days ago
Today our Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters are observing their Paschal Triduum according to...

Camaldolese nuns in Korea

6 days ago
The Benedictines of the Camaldolese Congregation are establishing a monastery of nuns in Korea. In...

Creative Minority Report

Eye Bleach! Bruce Jenner to Pose Nude for Spo...

8 hours ago
Bruce Jenner is reportedly going to pose naked for the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing only an...

God Bless America. We Could Really Use it Now

21 hours ago
Oh my. So not only did Donald Trump win Indiana but Ted Cruz got out leaving Donald alone (except...

Cruz Out. It's Trump vs. Hillary. Ugh.

1 day ago
Ugh.Politico:Ted Cruz is quitting the presidential race, according to campaign manager Jeff Roe,...

Credo Catholic

Confusion on Abortion, Confession, and the Po...

8 months ago
Guest Blogger, Benedict T. NguyenThere is a lot of confusion going on today about the Pope’s letter...

Of missions and mercy

10 months ago
In case some of you are keeping track, we have completed another cross-country move. God's...

Out of an endless summer

1 year ago
This year I missed out on experiencing the seasons as I always had. We moved to Florida from...

Crisis Magazine - Church

The Left Has It Wrong When It Comes To Sex Ed

1 day ago
For the past several decades, teen pregnancy in the United States has been on the decline. And...

Good Islam vs. Bad Islam

1 day ago
The February 11 edition of FrontPage Magazine contains an insightful piece by Daniel Greenfield on...

Against Choice as the Supreme Good

2 days ago
Arguments based on rights seem irresistible today. Unlike arguments based on natural law, let alone...

Decent Films Guide

Back to school #WebsiteWednesday

8 months ago
It’s been a hot week here at XYZ’s sunny Santa Monica office, so we’re beyond excited for the fall...

XYZ is hosting August’s SoCal Domainers Meetu...

8 months ago
And you’re invited! In LA? Join us for this month’s SoCal Domainers Meetup, hosted by yours...

What makes a great domain?

9 months ago
#GenXYZ, have you taken TheChallenge.xyz yet? If you think you can register the best domain name...

Defend Us in Battle

Suffering makes us seek the light.

9 months ago
Suffering, little sufferings, big sufferings – it makes us seek the light. In larger...

Comméndo te omnipoténti Deo, caríssima soror

11 months ago
I commend you, my dear sister, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you return to...

“It was fitting that Christ should be tempted...

1 year ago
As someone drawn to Dominican spirituality, and as a Thomist, I read “Meditations for Lent...

Diocese of Westminster

Pope Francis' Message for World Day of P...

2 weeks ago
  It is my great hope that, during the course of this  Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, all the...

Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood

2 weeks ago
God our Father, You give us the Sacraments as signs and instruments of your love and mercy. Draw...

Pope Francis' Message for World Day of P...

2 weeks ago
  It is my great hope that, during the course of this  Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, all the...


The Insufferability of Sanctity

23 hours ago
Saint Therese of Lisieux, upon hearing that her sister Celine would be attending a ball, responded...

“Did I Do That?”

1 day ago
Connoisseurs of early 90s sitcoms can easily identify the nasal refrain of Steve Urkel. For those...

Love’s Perspective

2 days ago
“What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” – Fr....