Of John the Baptist, family size, and romanti...

1 hour ago
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons “No one can receive anything...

Daily Gospel Reflection for August 29, 2015

6 hours ago
  Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:17-29 Memorial of the Passion of Saint John the Baptist...

How Can I Be More Generous Today?

20 hours ago
Image credit: hannahpirnie, Pixabay The text of today’s tweet from Pope Francis hit my phone...

Chiesa Italy

When Bergoglio Was Peronist. And He Still Is

3 days ago
The discussion is raging over Francis's political vision. The judgment of one Argentine scholar of...

Political Ecumenism. With the Technocrats and...

1 week ago
Pope Francis has put himself at the head of the anticapitalist “popular movements.” But...

From Perón to Bergoglio. With the...

2 weeks ago
The presidential election in Argentina is drawing attention back to the political vision of Pope...

Church Mojo

A million .xyz domains

1 month ago
#GenXYZ, it’s official. We hit the MILLIONTH* .xyz domain mark! As a team, we had to do something...

Talking SEO on the Productive Catholic Podcas...

3 months ago
On May 7, 2015 I appeared on Dean Soto’s Productive Catholic podcast. Here are some of the...

#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday...

6 months ago
Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen...


Passion of John the Baptist

2 hours ago
Today, the Churches of East and West, liturgically celebrate the Beheading of the Holy and Glorious...

Saint Augustine of Hippo

19 hours ago
Too late loved I thee, O thou Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new! too late I loved thee!  And...

Saint Monica

2 days ago
Today the Church remembers Saint Monica (331 – 387), widow and mother of St. Augustine of...

Creative Minority Report

Hillary Tosses Decoys to Distract Heat Seekin...

18 hours ago
For once, the media doesn't seem to be biting (for hilarious reasons.)In the past two days,...

The Futility of Enhancing Your Kids

2 days ago
*subhead*Windows 95*subhead*This is the cover of the current issue of The Economist.I am sure this...

Don't Panic Today Cuz You Should Have Pa...

5 days ago
Don't get freaked out today no matter what the market does. Days like this are baked in. You...

Credo Catholic

Of missions and mercy

1 month ago
In case some of you are keeping track, we have completed another cross-country move. God's...

Out of an endless summer

3 months ago
This year I missed out on experiencing the seasons as I always had. We moved to Florida from...

Fifty Shades: What hits the fan

6 months ago
Ladies, who are we kidding with this? Ourselves. Each other. If you have happened upon this series...

Crisis Magazine - Church

Pursuing True Happiness in a World Without Tr...

1 day ago
“[T]he direct and pure experience of reality in its ultimate root is man’s deepest need.” ∼ Thomas...

This Pope Does Not “Do” Doctrine

1 day ago
If you are puzzled, even disoriented by the Holy Father’s conduct of his pontificate (and I stress...

A Time to Kill

2 days ago
In the 1996 crime drama film A Time to Kill, a ten-year-old black girl named Tonya is violently...

Decent Films Guide

Back to school #WebsiteWednesday

1 week ago
It’s been a hot week here at XYZ’s sunny Santa Monica office, so we’re beyond excited for the fall...

XYZ is hosting August’s SoCal Domainers Meetu...

1 week ago
And you’re invited! In LA? Join us for this month’s SoCal Domainers Meetup, hosted by yours...

What makes a great domain?

1 month ago
#GenXYZ, have you taken TheChallenge.xyz yet? If you think you can register the best domain name...

Defend Us in Battle

Suffering makes us seek the light.

3 weeks ago
Suffering, little sufferings, big sufferings – it makes us seek the light. In larger...

Comméndo te omnipoténti Deo, caríssima soror

3 months ago
I commend you, my dear sister, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you return to...

“It was fitting that Christ should be tempted...

6 months ago
As someone drawn to Dominican spirituality, and as a Thomist, I read “Meditations for Lent...

Diocese of Westminster

Mgr Miles marks 65 Years of Priesthood

1 month ago
Cardinal Vincent was the principal celebrant at the Thanksgiving Mass for Mgr Freddie in the Chapel...

Deacon Guido Amari ordained for the Diocese

1 month ago
The Ordination Mass was celebrated by the Right Rev. John Arnold, Bishop of Salford and former...

Mass of Thanksgiving for Religious at Kentish...

1 month ago
A Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated on Saturday June 15th in Kentish Town in the parish church of...


The Son of Tears

1 day ago
Fra Angelico’s painting, The Conversion of St. Augustine, offers a great insight into the...

A Simple Adventure

2 days ago
Every so often, we come across a news story about an adventurer. Maybe someone is sailing around...

Mother Teresa’s Gift Registry

3 days ago
Today marks what would have been Mother Teresa’s 105th birthday. Rather than muse on what she might...


Core Confusion

23 hours ago
An op-ed in today’s Times discusses the ever-controversial Common Core educational...

Doggie Day Care --the Pope, and Amy Schumer

1 day ago
Last spring, I got a puppy, whom I named Ziva. At the beginning, like any baby, she...

Police on the street? Or not?

1 day ago
The recent discussion Here on Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter dwindled away...