Catholicism: The New Evangelization

 The New Evangelization

Father Robert Barron has just released a preview of a great addition to his Catholicism Series.  Father Robert Barron spent last Summer traveling to England, Australia, and New Zealand to explore the Catholic faith and the New Evangelization.  He again explores the lives of saints, holy sites, and famous Catholics, but also speaks to many lay people both young and old about what their faith means to them.  This is a more personal journey for the viewer, and Fr. Barron helps relate the Gospel message in this modern age to the common man.  The production quality is excellent, as he used the same production crew from his previous series, and it again showcases the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Catholic Faith.

This Summer I attended the Catholic New Media Conference in Arlington, TX, and got to see some more footage from this video and was very impressed.  I was honored to meet many of the fantastic Word On Fire Staff who work very hard to make project a success.  Word On Fire also reported to me that they are working on a children’s version of the Catholicism Series–will keep you posted on any updates.

Blogger, Elizabeth Scalia (“The Anchoress”), got to interview Fr. Steve Grunow about Catholicism:  The New Evangelization and wrote at Patheos in her blog.

It is hoped that this video will help lead Catholics who no longer practice their faith, back to being active in their faith.  This offers a great opportunity for parishes to invite those back to see what they are missing.  We had success at our parish by promoting the showing of Catholicism through mass media, social media, and having an inviting coffeehouse to welcome into our parish community.  I hope to do this again and have even more success.

Ambassador Program

I would encourage you or someone from your parish to become an Ambassador for Word On Fire.  You can easily join for FREE by sending in a form signed by your pastor that you are a “Catholic in good standing”, from the WOF Ambassador website.  By being an Ambassador, you get supports and information to help in promoting a showing at your parish (or in community), and get a discount on all their products.  It has been a real joy to work with their staff as they are a tremendous support and will answer all questions posed.

Here is the new preview of Catholicism: The New Evangelization:


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