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Help! How do I break the habit of bringing snacks to Mass for my kids?

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
Mass is actually a good place to teach children that sometimes gratification must be delayed, which is an important lesson for life.Katrina, I need some moral support ending...

Famine in Africa: War, drought and disease conspire against the people of South Sudan

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
Food and water is there for those who are suffering, but military blocks the way. See our photo galleryWar, drought and disease are conspiring against the people of South Sudan....

4 ways to lean into Lent and prepare for Easter joy

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
Decide to finish out Lent strong and get ready for a truly happy Easter. It’s still Lent, just in case you—like me—keep forgetting. I’m not very good at Lent. In fact, I’m...

6 Best-selling books that are must-reads this spring

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
'A Man Called Ove,' 'When Breath Becomes Air,' and other worthwhile reads from the New York Times Best Sellers list.You know the feeling: You’re at a dinner party and your friends...

At the evening of life, we shall be judged on our love.

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
St John of the Cross

Rachel’s Contrition, Chapter 32

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
A strange woman comes into the picture, and Rachel discovers that even priests harbor guilt, and must work out their penance.Continued from Chapter 31… Rachel’s Contrition CHAPTER...

The 10 tasks of the Catholic thinker

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
The Catalonian philosopher Francesc Torralba on the indispensable role of the Catholic intellectualThe proper place of the intellectual is far from being an ivory tower. Catholic...

Feeling inadequate to the task before you? Here’s the saint for you

Aleteia - 6 months 1 hour ago
It was a hard lesson, but St Hugh finally found the peace of accepting that God would work through him.The Christian call to humility is a difficult one. For those who are...

In DRC, political uncertainty after bishops withdraw from peace talks

Catholic News Agency - General - 6 months 3 hours ago
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mar 29, 2017 / 08:07 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Political unrest and uncertainty about the future have grown in the Democratic Republic of...

Parramatta bishop urges Australia to do more for refugees and asylum seekers during Brisbane trip

The Catholic Leader - 6 months 3 hours ago
AUSTRALIA can and should do more to help refugees and asylum seekers, the Catholic bishops’ delegate on those concerns Bishop Vincent Long said. Bishop Long made that clear during...

Bangladesh: police accused of attacking Catholic town

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 4 hours ago
Plainclothes policemen reportedly entered a woman’s house in Doripara, one of the largest Catholic towns in the predominantly Muslim nation of Bangladesh.


What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 6 months 4 hours ago
I received wonderful Brick By Brick news from Cincinnati. An Oratory of St. Philip Neri has been officially established at Old St. Mary’s Church.  HERE  and HERE Not bad, huh?...

Brexit: English bishops’ spokesman concerned about European residents in England

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 4 hours ago
As Prime Minister Theresa May took steps to implement Brexit, a spokesman for the English bishops expressed concern about European residents in England.

Bishop: ‘South Sudan is collapsing’

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 4 hours ago
Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe of Yei, president of Caritas South Sudan, warned that the humanitarian situation in the war-torn nation is increasingly dire.

EU bishops discuss Europe’s future

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 4 hours ago
The bishops of the EU gathered in Brussels on March 29 for a private three-day meeting to reflect on Europe’s future.

USCCB prelate: Trump executive order jeopardizes environment

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 4 hours ago
Bishop Frank Dewane, the chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, criticized President Donald Trump’s executive order on promoting energy...

Fear and Anxiety in Australia explored by ACU panellists

The Catholic Leader - 6 months 5 hours ago
IS Australia in a time of fear? If so, what are we afraid of and what does this mean for our future? These were the questions posed to four eminent panellists at the Australian...

After London, a question returns: At what point does terrorist coverage just encourage more attacks?

GetReligion - 6 months 6 hours ago
I listen to National Public Radio when I'm in my car and either of the network's two signature news programs -- "Morning Edition" or "All Things Considered" -- happen to be airing...

100 Pro-Life Protesters Oppose No Parking Ordinance Targeting Their Free Speech Outside Abortion Clinic - 6 months 6 hours ago
Pro-lifers in Charlotte, North Carolina believe the city may be setting up new parking requirements to block them from reaching women outside a local abortion facility. The...

Comfort in the knowledge ‘You Are For Me’

Aleteia - 6 months 6 hours ago
Kate Baumer's intimate cover is soothing to the soul.Covers are an important part of any artist’s repertoire. Not only will they fill up time, but the songs and artists you cover...
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