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Catholic News Live allows you to read through all the latest Catholic news from around the world. You can view the news in a list or on a map, and share stories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other services. You can even send stories to Instapaper or Read It Later if you'd like!

CNL displays news from hundreds of different Catholic websites on your mobile device, and lets you view and share news and blog posts directly from the source. The app is the easiest way to keep up with what's going on around you. If you know of any great Catholic blogs or news websites we're missing, please let us know the URL at, and we'll try to get them added asap!


The following screenshots offer a broad overview of the different features of the Catholic News Live app:


CNL Mobile App on iPhone - News ListCNL Mobile App on iPhone - News World MapCNL Mobile App on iPhone - News Story


CNL Mobile App on Android - News ListCNL Mobile App on Android - News World MapCNL Mobile App on Android - Share News Story


CNL Mobile App on iPad - News List HomeCNL Mobile App on iPad - News Map


Having trouble with our mobile app? Please submit any bug reports to @cathnewslive on Twitter.


Where can I find the CNL App?

You can buy the app from the App Store, for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad here: CNL Mobile App for $0.99

You can buy the app from the Android Market for your Android-powered mobile phone or tablet here: CNL Mobile App for $0.99

Does the app work on the iPad? Will this feature be free, or do I need to buy the app again?

The app is universal, so it works on any iOS deviceā€”it should work great on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! And we don't want you to have to pay anything extra for this feature. The app is still just $0.99, and you can use it on all three devices at the same time if you'd like.

Is there an Android version of the mobile app?

Yes! An Android version of Catholic News Live was released in 2011.

Why do some stories seem out of place on the News Map?

Because very few news sites use geolocations to identify the location of a particular story, it is often hard to get an exact location for a story. Sometimes, our website automatically places a news story somewhere where it might not make sense. To help make this better, we ask that news websites consider using geoRSS, or adding the location of a story somewhere in the text (for example, add a tag of 'Vatican City, VA' for stories having to do with Vatican City...).