Channels and Search Gone... For Now

In order to focus more on the core features of Catholic News Live, and in preparation for our new Catholic News Live app launch, we have removed the Search and Channels sections from this website.

Until they return, you can always use's blog search to search inside many hundreds of Catholic Blogs online, and you can use Google search to search for information on this website (search with "" before your search).

Revived Channels Section

The 'Channels' section of this site has returned! I can't make any promises about how often it will be updated, but it will be updated from time to time. There are a ton of new news stories posted to the site on a daily basis, so I don't necessarily have time to sort them all.

If you'd like to help with the news sorting, let me know and I'll set you up with that ability!

Removed Channels Section

Due to the fact that I don't have hours per day to sort news into the appropriate channels, I have temporarily disabled the 'Channels' section of this website. Until I can find an easier method for sorting the news, I will be leaving out the channels, and you can view and automatically sort (and get an RSS feed) from the 'Search' section instead.

Advertisements Added to Sidebar

In order to support the maintenance and hosting of this website, we have placed one simple Google ad in the top right sidebar. Please report any offensive or misdirected ads by leaving a comment here or sending us an email. We hope to find alternate ways to support the website in the future, but for now, this is the most effective means.

If someone (or some company) would like to sponsor the site, I'd be more than glad to get rid of the Google Ads and allow a full-time sponsor. Contact me for details!

Removed 'Rumors' Channel

In tweaking a few things on the site, we've removed the 'Rumors' channel. Turns out, there aren't as many rumors posted around the Catholic web as we had originally thought!

Ah well, that's a good thing, we guess :-)

Catholic News Live Badges!

Put one of our badges on your site to show the world you're featured on CNL!

We have two sizes to choose from - one is 250 pixels wide, the other one is 185 pixels wide. Right click or drag it to your computer to download it!

Picture 1 - 250 pixels wide:

Picture 2 - 185 pixels wide:

Inspiration Behind Catholic News Live

Why create this site? I wanted to. Need any more reasons? Neither did I.

I have grown tired of subscribing to many different Catholic news feeds, and rather than completely miss out on the latest Catholic news, I thought I'd instead jump in and create a nice website to showcase my favorite Catholic stories. Then I thought: Why not let others join me? Well, I have, so here's the site!

Link: A little background on how the site was made.


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