NORCIA 2014 Calendar (Hint: BEER!)

The wonderful Benedictine monks of the Monastero di San Benedetto at Norcia, Italy, gave me their new 2014 Calendar.


In the calendar are great shots of their monkish lives, involving the two great pillars of prayer and work.


A detail of the entry for each day.  They include information about both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form.




With Cardinal Burke.


I was in Norcia recently, during the pilgrimage I led.  The monks showed us the new brewery and explained the process they use.


This beer is WONDERFUL.  It is some of the best beer of its style that I have ever had.

To read more about their beer click HERE


With some of the monks in their gift shop.


If you go to Italy and have some time to spend in the countryside (which I warmly recommend), go to Norcia.  There is a spectacular small hotel where you can stay.

You can listen to the monks sing their Masses and their hours.  HERE.

Please consider sending them a donation?  These men are strengthening the Church’s spiritual spine.

Click HERE

There is a US and a UK route to send money, to make it easier for you.


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