Vatican Says Its Former Nuncio to Dominican Republic Has Diplomatic Immunity and Is Not Extraditable On Sex Abuse Charges

The Vatican says that Polish Catholic Archbishop Josef Wesolowski who is being investigated on sex abuse charges by authorities in both the Dominican Republic and Poland has full diplomatic immunity.  AP reports today that Wesolowski, who served as Apostolic Nuncio (Ambassador) to the Dominican Republic from 2008 until 2013, was recalled to the Vatican and relieved of his position in August after Pope Francis was informed of rumors that Wesolowski sexually abused teenage boys in the Dominican Republic. Polish prosecutors recently inquired of the Vatican about Wesolowski's legal status as part of the investigation that they are also conducting, and were told that, in addition to diplomatic immunity, Wesolowski is a citizen of the Vatican City state and that the Vatican does not extradite its citizens. The Vatican says it is cooperating with Poland and the Dominican Republic in their investigations, and that two separate Vatican tribunals are investigating Wesolowski for both canonical and criminal violations.