Edifice complex: continuing the meme…

HealyHallYou can have a discussion on liturgy at Fordham today, and one on religious freedom at Boston College on Wednesday. (Oh, and bourbon at Commonweal any time, morning or night.)

Completing the Jesuit trifecta, and filling out your week, please come to Georgetown on Tuesday evening, if you are in Washington, for a discussion of religion and politics (something no one here discusses much, I’m told).

Hosted by the Woodstock Center, the panel, “Election 2012: The Values Behind the Issues,” will have a bunch of smart people, and me:

Father Tom Reese convenes the program, Commonweal (and WaPo) columnist E.J. Dionne will moderate. Amy Sullivan of the Nation and Time and Tom Roberts of the National Catholic Reporter will opine, and I will pontificate.

There will be a Catholic focus, no doubt, but we will strive to cover the waterfront, from Mormons to Evangelicals.

Disclosure: okay, the 7:30-9pm event will actually be around the corner at the Catharine E. Nolan Center of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. But there’s free parking.

(Oh, and checking on availability of bourbon.)