Big Government Mandates-Legalities/Smegalities

At a certain point, Ms. Sebellius gives gives the condescending sigh. What is it with these folks?  How did she end up in this position? I understand she isn't a lawyer, but I am not a lawyer either and when the congressman explained the three standards I was bright enough to realize that the last of the three was the standard that applied to this particular situation. Even when she doesn't know what she is talking about she is condescending. Could the people get some humility please? "I relied on discussions." The administration is getting smarter, no more paper communications, they don't play so well when they are read aloud. In my humble opinion, this is pure tyranny. They aren't interested in the constitution, or religious liberty in the White House these days. They are interested in fundamental change of government. They are interested in the elimination of constitutional principles. Clearly they are not interested in remaining beholden to them. This is clearly the mandate administration. Their readiness to mandate ideology and thought and call it a mandate is a pretty clear sign of their disdain for free thought and belief and their bravado. I am not a fan.Pray for country, for the president, and for Ms. Sebellius.As always please pray for me.