Head to Head: NFP crushes the Pill!

I just read a great study which essentially shows that NFP crushes contraception when it comes to happy marriages and holiness of life. You can check out the entire article at Physicians for Life.505 couples who practice NFP were interviewed. Below are some of the results. Most notably the divorce rate. .2%, really people is the pill worth it? The current divorce rate remains at about 50-55 % while the divorce rate among those who cohabitate remains close to 80%. I am no rocket scientist but something tells me that sterilizing the marital act, you change the way you think about it and your significant other. It becomes a selfish endeavor rather than a self gift endeavor. It becomes a pure act of pleasure rather than a loving gift of self open to life. Responsibility is removed and therefore, fidelity to the spouse is seen as an optional extra rather than a foundational principle. pray for holy marriages free from cohabitation and contraception. 

  • have a dramatically low (0.2%) divorce rate;
  • experience happier marriages;
  • are happier and more satisfied in their everyday lives;
  • have considerably more marital relations;
  • share a deeper intimacy with spouse than those who contracept;
  • realize a deeper level of communication with spouse;
  • have relatively large families with many children;
  • are appreciably more religious and attend church more often;
  • incorporate prayer more in their daily lives;
  • rely strongly on the teachings of the Church, the Bible and Almighty God;
  • are personally happier;
  • have strong traditional, social, and moral views;
  • preserve the family unit more responsibly than the other groups;.
  • are unlikely to have ever had an abortion;
  • are unlikely to have ever cohabitated;
  • are unlikely to work full time;
  • are unlikely to be supportive of and to engage in sex outside of marriage;