The Endearing Name of “Mommy”

When my first born was around a year old I couldn’t wait to hear for the first time ‘mum mum’ and each time she said it my heart would leap with happiness. The same feeling happened with each one of my children when they would reach the age of ‘mum mum’ words. My heard overflowed with joy and happiness that words cannot explain. However, I have to say my most favorite and endearing title is mommy.

There is something loving about being called mommy. Mommy speaks of a closeness; a special bond between child and parent. As a mommy I did no wrong in the eyes of my children. When they called out ‘mommy’ whether in distress or happiness I knew I could fulfill their needs. I was ‘mommy’ and as we all know ‘mommies’ can do anything; we are wise, loving and cuddly warm. It always felt like whatever the day’s events would bring about for my children that everything would be okay when I was mommy to them.

Now I’m called, mom or mother but never mommy any more. My children are young men and women living on their own, making their own choices and living the results of those choices; it is what I wanted for my children; to become independent thinking adults living their hopes and dreams. Sometimes those hopes and dreams are shattered and I find that I can no longer make a hurt go away. So I watch, I weep and I feel their pain but I cannot kiss it away any more because I’m no longer mommy – I’m mom or mother to them and can no longer fulfill their needs.

I wish some days that I was mommy again and be able to hold my child and say, “everything is going to be okay.” I am however, the mother of some phenomenally good young people who have strength of character and are generous of heart and I find many times they are the ones who tell me “it’s going to be okay.”

As I smile with tears remembering the days of young motherhood, I try to think of what other endearing name or title brings back such warm memories of love but I cannot think of any for there are no other endearing names for me other than mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day – Mommies!

Copyright 2012 Susan Handle Terbay