Nebraska Coach: Rather be Fired For His Faith

Nebraska football coach Ron Brown recently took a stand against the homosexual agenda. He did so publicly. It was done in a personal capacity. The university seems to be handling it well, though as you can imagine there is an outcry from those who prefer sin to righteousness. But, Brown isn't about to back down, in fact he said “To be fired for my faith would be a greater honor than to be fired because we didn’t win enough games....haven’t lost any sleep over it. I realize at some point, we live in a politically correct enough culture where that very well could happen.” A rant if I may. First, this is what men do, they stand up for what is TRULY GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL. When men aren't concerned with their hair and their bright pink shirts and worrying more about being "metrosexual"(which seems to be the equivalent of moderate in politics) or pseudo "intellectual,"(none of which are truly good and beautiful, rather, vanity of vanities)  they act like men. They comment on the truth in front of all sorts of witnesses and they have no fear of the outcome. Anyone remember St. Steven? He broke out some truth and caught himself a stoning. No big deal, his eternal end wasn't popularity with pagans, it was fidelity to the truth and eternal life in Jesus Christ. When men forget about being cool, and hip, and hair gel, and Axe, and all that nonsense. When they stop thinking that skinny jeans were made for them, maybe, just maybe, they will actually begin to live a truly intellectual life again. Maybe, we will see more men like coach Brown. Men will begin to live a life rooted in the truth and reality of things. A life rooted in the first principles of metaphysics (Being). Here is a first principle for you nothing can both be and not be at the same time. In other words homosexuality cannot both be true and not be true. Someone is on the right side of the argument. Let's think about it. All being is intelligible. In other words, has a purpose and design. What is God reiterating to us in scripture, simply what we can come to know by reason. We can clearly see through reason that a man and a woman are designed for each other. This is not simply a product of random happenstance. God then reveals to us the eternal nature of this relationship and it's profound dignity. Raising up what we can know by reason to the level of divine a sacrament. That is the marriage of a man to a woman.I want to be clear some may think it rudimentary or worse crass, nevertheless, I think it is important. Because on this one issue even the "pseudo intellectuals" have made themselves stupid, so as to accept  very nonsensical talking points. To be fair, today's intellectual is a sceptic. He denies first principles. He denies the very truth that nothing can both be and not be at the same time. This is the very foundation of moral relativism. Championing contradiction that all things are equally true and good. It is an error in thinking that has caused catastrophic damage to the family and to the culture as a whole. So, as the big O is partial to saying, let me be clear!I have two hands their primary purpose is to grip things for my use. They are not however, procreative. So, while they may be used for the purposes of pleasure, we can say that they are certainly not sexual organs of any sort. I have two feet, the primary purpose of my feet is to help me to walk and to stand upright. They are not however, sexual organs and they cannot procreate in anyway. However, I suppose, they could be used for sexual gratification (I don't know..the world is a crazy place). I have an anus, it's primary purpose is, well you all know what the primary function of the anus is. Nevertheless, it is not a sexual organ. It is impossible to procreate with it. Now I have genitalia which can be used for procreation in fact that is it's primary purpose. Other men have the same genitalia as I. We are the same. We do not fit together unless we use other body parts which are not made for sexual intercourse. But rather serve some other primary function and do not bring about life. The same could be said of two women. However, when a man and a woman come together, something crazy happens. They have different genitalia. In that difference there is great unity. They fit together like missing puzzle pieces. It is as if they were designed to compliment each other. This complimentary union does something else. It continues the human race in a way that the union of two persons of the same sex can never accomplish. This would seem to be an intelligible design written directly into the nature of the human person. A design which can be known to us through reason, which is reinforced through revelation.What am I saying? To hell with all homosexuals?  No, not at all and neither is coach Brown. What is being said is that we do not have to lift every sinful behavior up to exalted status. He is saying that we should not redefine, what is written into the fabric of the human person. It is by natural design that marriage is between a man and a woman. We must stand our ground. If we continue to meekly tip toe around this issue, it will not be long before we are being told we are bigots for not accepting every other type of sexual sin that some large group is able to push upon us. When we accepted contraception as a way of life, we accepted the lie that the only end to sex is personal pleasure. We eliminated the natural end in thought and practice, but not in reality. The natural end to marital love is babies and bonding. It is the self gift of one to the other, there is no taking in involved, if there is, you are using each other. I will say it again as I have said it before, homosexuality is a product of the contraceptive mentality. If sex serves no purpose but personal pleasure and feelings are the true measure of what is permissible, than, it seems all is permissible. And real men can no longer stand by well our culture is torn apart by sexual depravity. Praise God for men like coach Brown. Where is your courage men of God?Pray for Coach Brown and pray for an end to the contraceptive mentality and homsexuality.Pray for men to boldly proclaim the truth about marital love