Call Your Mother

Honor your Father and Mother. (Ex 20:12) This is one of the commandments given to Moses so long ago, which we still honor today. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we celebrate our mothers who raised us, cared for us and nurtured us throughout our lives. They have been there in good times and in bad times. They nursed our bruises, played our games and read us stories at bedtime. They have loved us at our best and loved us at our worst.

It is fitting that Mother’s day occurs in the month of May – the month in which we celebrate Mary. When Jesus gave her to us on the cross (Jn 19:25-27), He gave us a great gift. We now not only have our earthly mothers to guide us through life, but we have our Heavenly mother who guides us to Jesus. Just as she interceded for the people at the Wedding at Cana (Jn 2:1-11), she intercedes for us now before her Son in Heaven.

One gift which she gave us so long ago, but still keeps on giving, is the Rosary. Souls have been saved, lives have been spared, and even wars have been won – all through the prayer of the Rosary. Why? The Rosary is all about meditating on the life of Jesus. Our Heavenly mother once again shows us the path to her Son.

This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate our mothers, take a few minutes and thank your heavenly mother and thank Jesus for giving us his mother. And just as you remember to call your mother here on earth, pick up a Rosary and call your heavenly mother. To think, on the Cross Jesus not only gave us our salvation, but He gave us His own mother. How He must love us so!

Copyright 2012 Jennifer Gladen

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