Arizona Governor Signs 2 Bills Aimed At Protecting Religious Liberty

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's office announced  that on May 11 she signed HB 2625 which expands the definition of those religiously-affiliated employers that may exclude contraceptive coverage from their health insurance plans. New language expands the definition to include "an entity whose articles of incorporation clearly state that it is a religiously motivated organization and whose religious beliefs are central to the organization's operating principles."AP also reports that Brewer last week signed SB 1365 which prohibits denial or revocation of any professional or business licence for conduct or statements motivated by a person's sincere religious beliefs.  Among the specific conduct protected (subject to certain exceptions) is refusal to provide any service that violates the person's sincere religious beliefs, and making employment or client selection decisions based on sincere religious beliefs.Patheos has the reaction of the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition of Arizona to the two measures. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]