Bp. Cupich continues his ill treatment…

…on honest humble Catholics in Spokane. Here’s another desperate piece of samizdat from the underground as a reader writes:

Wasn’t sure if you heard but news came out in the past couple of days that one of the Diocese of Spokane’s solid, and effective priests was demoted by Bishop Cupich. He is being sent from St. Mary in the Valley to Newport, after some very progressive women started a petition against him for trying to uphold Church teachings. This happened in the last year and there are other people with more of the story than I have. But, it is sending the message to the Body of Christ that if you love the Church, are happy about being Catholic and following its teachings, you are not going to be given the time of day with this Bishop. Two weeks earlier at another parish he sided with a small liberal contingent who was trying to go up against their pastor who basically wanted to re-envision their failing and heterodox school. Time and time again he goes against the people who actually love the Church and it’s teachings, and try to live them. Of course we have no critical media source out here that is Catholic. The Bishop removed one of the most successful seminary college rectors and vocation director in the country (Fr. Connall, whom the seminarians loved). Fr. Connall is also a faithful son of the Church and is the number one reason why Spokane has a lot of good, solid, young men in Holy Orders. The Bishop put in a known progressive who was failing at the cathedral to take his place and now is putting another progressive in the Vocation Director spot. Looks like the Diocese of Spokane is headed for another drought. It isn’t right to pray that he be reassigned because I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Anyway, I knew you had written some critical pieces on the Bishop and wasn’t sure if you were still following his activities. It is has gone from bad to worse.

It’s sad to watch. Spokane is stuck with this for the next decade at least. I think it’s the combination of contempt for the faithful, the self-regard as a progressive, and the absolute closure to so much as *talk* to the people he tramples on that is so appalling. Your prayers for Spokane would be appreciated. The only bright side is that Spokane is the end of the line for him. But a flock deserves better from its bishop than this sort of high-handed treatment.