Pax Judas

Call to Action Pennsylvania, Catholics for Social Justice, Pittsburgh Area Pax Christi and the Association of Pittsburgh Priests are seeking permission from a judge to file a friend-of-the-court brief in defense of the HHS mandate.

The four organizations criticized the Diocese of Erie, which has filed suit to overturn the mandate, for “join[ing] the attack on an important legislative effort to provide universal health care — a vital human right that Church teaching has supported for decades as a natural right possessed by all people as a matter of social justice.”

Not surprise by Call to Action and ultimately I guess not really by Pax Christi. Pax Christi had already been invested in a piece of social justice while ignoring other pieces such as the assault on life. They have gone from deemphasizing the pro-life effort by trumping it with something else to actively attacking it. Joining with a friend-of-Herod brief to support the assault on conscience eliminates any credibility they ever had.

CWN Via Sancte Pater

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