“Excommunication, I’m still glowing”

Marc Barnes says of this women’s ordination video “Ordain a lady: that “This might be the greatest video ever to happen to the Catholic Church.” and goes on in post Why The Catholic Priesthood Is Composed of Dudes

This is certainly the funniest thing I have seen in a while and one of the best defenses for the Church’s teaching.  I would have been hard-pressed to make a better parody and the words are genius. Well at least it would be a genius video if it wasn’t real.

Though one thing that really gets my ire up.  I am so tired of women’s ordination proponents using Saint Thérèse of Lisieux as if she was also a proponent of women’s ordination.  This is pure calumny.

“If only I were a priest! How lovingly I would bear You in my hands, my Jesus, when my voice had brought You down from Heaven. How lovingly I would give. You to souls!” “Yet while wanting to be a priest, I admire St. Francis of Assisi and envy his humility, longing to imitate him in refusing this sublime dignity.”

By the logic they use I guess Therese also wanted to get a sex change operation to be a man since she admired St. Francis’ humility.  Funny also how women’s ordination proponents also usually leave out the part about envying humility.  But humility does not go hand and hand when you say you are right and the Church guided by the Holy Spirit is wrong.