Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

Today is the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost. by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1882 “Two men went up into the temple to pray.” Luke 18, 10.   What a remarkable contrast presents itself to our view when we compare the two men. Christ informs us that “they went up into the temple to pray.” The prayer of the Pharisee, properly speaking, was not a prayer, for it contained more self-gratulation than praise of God. Moreover, the very language of the prayer breathed sentiments directly contrary to the precept of fraternal chanty; for the haughty Pharisee looked scornfully down upon the humble publican, and dared to pass sentence upon the state of his soul. If he really believed him to be a sinner, he should have prayed for his conversion; but the prayer to which he did give utterance, was one which certainly did not ascend to God like a sweet odor, for the pride by which it was prompted rendered it most offensive in His sight, but pleasing to the king of hell. But, dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, what ample reason have we not to lament that, while such numbers among the children of our Holy Church throng to the ...

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