Rome – Day 2: Stoffa and nonsense

If I am of an early morning out and about, my standard “large” Roman breakfast…

Things you see when walking about.

Lovely little neighborhood Marian shrines.  People take care of them.

I really enjoy the old “don’t be a litter bug” signs from “Monsignore Illustrissimo e Reverendissimo Presidente delle Strade”.  This is from 1 March 1741.

As you pass through side streets, look to the left and to the right.

Today in church I lit the four candles on the right on the upper part: parents, a friend, vocations for the diocese, and my benefactors.

Mass was celebrated for my benefactors.   I remember all my donors and benefactors in my prayers.  I’ll do this again for you while I am in Rome.

Kinda cool photo, shot by

Last Gospel.


And flock of Dominicans invaded!

The other day, because of the rainfall, there was a little flood in the sacristy.  Hence, some wag dug this out and put it up.

Supper was a riot, with all sorts of great (traditional) people.

Mortadella di cinghiale!

On the way home, the little chapel on the hill.

In another street, however, I spotted something interesting on the facade of this church.  It has been obscured for some time with scaffolding.   In Rome it is customary to put the coat of arms of the Pope above the doors of the church.  Sometimes, if it also a cardinalatial church, the cardinal’s arms will be tacked up as well.

Here’s the stemma of Pope PIUS XI, still on this church, or newly put up.  I guess they either didn’t get the memo, or they didn’t like the memo they got.  I’ll try to get a better shot in the day light with a better camera.

Today I did lots of fabric and vestment stuff, for the “travel vestments”.

I have one donor and another potential donor.   I have acquired all the fabric and made some decisions about trim.  Now, the last thing to do is to turn in everything, hammer out the details, and then… pull the trigger.

Tomorrow, the conference for the Summorum Pontificum conference begins.  This should be interesting.

I am already running into people I know.  It’s great.  I’ll see a lot more tomorrow.