Seminarian with brain tumor – good news!

From time to time I have asked you to pray for a seminarian, Philip Gerard Johnson, who has had an inoperable tumor in his brain.

Here is an update:

Medical Update

Thanks for everyone’s prayers during my doctor visit on Thursday. Since I stopped treatments last Summer and the tumor has remained stable since that time, the doctor is convinced that the tumor is now in remission. Not completely cured, but not growing either. There is still a mass in my brain, but there are no signs of active cancer cells or growth right now.

The doctor did warn that this type of tumor typically grows again (branching off from the original tumor), but pointed out that I am already in the “long-term survival” range for this type of tumor (Anaplastic Astrocytoma), so the fact that I have few symptoms right now means that statistically, my expected survival from now on should be measured in years and not months. Overall, great news!

Please continue to remember me and all who suffer from cancer in your prayers! I will be praying a 9-day Novena of Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Lourdes for this good news. Please join if you would like! HERE

Non nobis and Te Deum!