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Why I Love My Country

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 36 min 40 sec ago
Because I obey the Second Commandment.

Independence Day

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 37 min 56 sec ago
America is the only nation in the world that is founded on a creed. That creed is set forth with dogmatic and even theological lucidity in the Declaration of Independence;...

Miracles Jesus Could Not Do

Integrated Catholic Life - 4 hours 20 min ago
Over the last two Sundays, the gospel of Mark has been making it abundantly clear that Jesus is indeed God Almighty, ruler of the world and lord over life and death. But this week...

Following Jesus Christ to become poor

The Catholic Leader - 5 hours 54 min ago

Ann Barnhardt Interview -- Part 2

Creative Minority Report - 7 hours 17 min ago
This is Part 2 of my weeklong interview with ann Barnhardt in which we discuss whether Hillary Clinton should be hung or put against a wall and shot.Again, I will daily be...

4th of July-- A Biblical Focus From Israeli Prime Minister

The Religion Clause - 8 hours 20 min ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an interesting U.S. 4th of July narrative, more religious than the Independence Day speeches usually heard in American venues....

The fantasy of it ‘all’

The Catholic Leader - 8 hours 25 min ago
By Byron and Francine Pirola HAVE you heard of FOMO? It stands for “Fear Of Missing Out” and it’s an epidemic in our culture. Many parents fall into the FOMO trap wanting their...

The Massachusetts March for Life

Cardinal Seán's Blog - 8 hours 35 min ago
Hello and welcome! Friday, I celebrated the funeral Mass for Father Fred O’Brien at the Cathedral the Holy Cross. His nephew and family gathered with many people from the Hispanic...

Pope: “When they kill a Christian, they don’t ask ‘Are you Catholic?””

The Deacon's Bench - 8 hours 42 min ago
Details:  Pope Francis appealed on Friday to faithful from all Christian churches to put divisions aside and concentrate on what unites them amid the persecution and slaying of...

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati DVD and Book Reviews

Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer - 8 hours 47 min ago
These will be quick, spoiler-free reviews on a DVD and a couple of books on Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. If you want more info on them, feel free to ask me; fangirl is always...

#LoveWins #JournalismFails -- Some old media-bias battles (think Kellerism) go public

GetReligion - 8 hours 55 min ago
This was the rare week that my column for the Universal Syndicate grew directly out of what was happening online here at GetReligion. It doesn't take a doctorate in journalism...

UN and Pro-Abortion Group Demand Philippines Legalizes Abortion - 9 hours 42 min ago
Manila, Philippines (CFAM/LifeNews) — An abortion group traveled to the Philippines last week to heap pressure on government officials after a UN committee criticized the country...

Girls should receive contraceptive implants in school before they become sexually active: NZ academics

LifeSiteNews - 9 hours 55 min ago
Family First NZ denounced the 'flawed, morally bankrupt' plan.

Video Catches Abortion Activist Attempting to Destroy Sign a Pro-Life Advocate is Holding - 9 hours 58 min ago
Abort67, the project that uses abortion victim photographs to convey the reality of abortion, is prepared to press charges against an individual captured on security cameras at a...

Carved wooden doors now welcome the faithful

The Busy Catholic - 10 hours 12 min ago
New entranceway at Good Shepherd Church includes Biblical symbols, some with a local twist Archbishop Miller stands with parishioners Helga and Vern Hoing in front of the new...

‘You can’t have’ marriage equality ‘without polygamy’

LifeSiteNews - 10 hours 16 min ago
A Montana bigamist has filed for a second marriage license to wed his plural wife.

Chris Christie: Clerks must perform same-sex ‘marriages’ regardless of their religious beliefs

LifeSiteNews - 10 hours 44 min ago
In a tone usually reserved for teachers' unions, Christie told Christian clerks, 'You took the job, and you took the oath.'

Food for thought: Diners prefer Chick-fil-A over the competition, or gay rights protesters

GetReligion - 10 hours 55 min ago
Boycotts typically fail. CNN reconfirmed that maxim this week with the news that Chick-fil-A -- hit hard with gay-rights protests a few years ago -- ranked first in customer...

Malia Obama Will Work on Set of “Girls” With Planned Parenthood Spokeswoman Lena Dunham - 11 hours 6 min ago
President Barack Obama has been a noted abortion activists while in the White House and he was once so pro-abortion that he wouldn’t vote for a bill to protect babies who survive...

Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Sacristies of the World - 11 hours 15 min ago
A rather full but lovely looking sacristy press in the sacristy of the Oblate Community Oratory, Mary Immaculate Parish, Inchicore, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The stoles on top...
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