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April 4, 2014

Prepare for Sunday Mass: 'Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die'

OSV Daily Take - 5 months 1 day ago
An excerpt from OSV Newsweekly. “As it comes closer to the Passion of Jesus,” observed Father Hans Ur von Balthasar about today’s readings, “Lent raises the penitent sinner’s hope...

Syracuse: former parish to become mosque, crosses to be cut off

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 day ago
The Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board has approved a request by a group to cut the crosses off a former Catholic parish and turn the historic neo-Gothic structure into a mosque...

Venezuelan bishops: We must end the bloodshed in our country (Video)

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 5 months 1 day ago
They called on the government and opposition to "avoid further bloodshed and violence in the country.” To view the video click here.

South African prelate laments excessive spending by nation's president

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 day ago
Amid reports that President Jacob Zuma of South Africa improperly spent $23 million in public funds on improvements to his residence, the head of the regional episcopal conference...

Meatless Friday: Gnocchi with Cabbage and Shallots - 5 months 1 day ago
I miss one of the Polish dishes that used to be served at our parish carnival: kluski. This was not proper kluski, but instead a way to use up lots of leftovers from other dishes...

5th Circuit: Principal Enjoys Qualified Immunity In Adult Speech "Candy Cane" Case

The Religion Clause - 5 months 1 day ago
In Morgan v. Swanson, (5th Cir., April 2, 2014), the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the district court's conclusion that a Plano, Texas elementary school principal...

Mississippi governor signs religious freedom legislation

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 day ago
Gov. Phil Bryant has signed the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which provides in some cases a legal means of redress for "a person whose religious exercise has...

Daily Catholic Quote from St. Alphonsus Maria de’ Liguori, C.Ss.R.

Integrated Catholic Life - 5 months 1 day ago
“How pleasing to Him it will be if you sometimes forget yourself and speak to Him of His own glory, of the miseries of others, especially those who mourn in sorrow; of the souls...

Wittgenstein and the Eucharist

Dominicana - 5 months 1 day ago
It’s a common enough question: “What do you mean by the real presence?” Or, if the inquirer is more theologically astute: “What do you mean by transubstantiation?” Basically: “...

How prophetic were Fulton Sheen’s words 80 years ago

Catholic Herald - 5 months 1 day ago
Having recently blogged about the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, I note an American blogger, Little Catholic Bubble, is reading his “Seven Last Words and the Seven Virtues” as a...

Pope Francis recognizes three new saints of the Americas

EWTN - Vatican News - 5 months 1 day ago
Vatican City, Apr 4, 2014 / 06:28 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis inscribed among the saints Thursday three blesseds who were from Europe but were called to the New World by...

Lent survival tip No. 12: Get uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.

OSV Daily Take - 5 months 1 day ago
As Pope Francis said, take Christ to the fringes. Catholics do tend to get uncomfortable during Lent: meatless Fridays, more time on the knees and going without coffee, beer,...

Over $100k raised for family of slain Catholic husband, father

EWTN - US Latest News - 5 months 1 day ago
Indianapolis, Ind., Apr 4, 2014 / 06:13 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Within the span of a day, friends, family and strangers have raised more than $100,000 for the family of a young...

US House commission holds hearing on religious persecution in Vietnam

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 day ago
The United States House of Representatives' Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission has conducted a hearing on religious persecution in Vietnam. The bipartisan commission, once known...

Pope Francis: Friday Mass in Santa Marta - 5 months 1 day ago
(Vatican Radio) When we proclaim the Good News, we will inevitably encounter persecution. This was the focus of Pope Francis’ remarks following the readings of the day at Mass on...

Public Religion Research Institute misleads on Catholic attitudes

Catholic Vote - 5 months 1 day ago
The “Public Religion Research Institute” released a fact sheet a few weeks ago on the attitudes of Roman Catholics which had the mainstream media swooning. It found that...


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