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Faith amid suffering: Milwaukee paper shows how community faces illness

GetReligion - 5 months 1 week ago
"To live at all is miracle enough," in the words of poet Mervyn Peake. And sometimes, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says, the miracle is in how someone can endure suffering...

Homeless man to be buried in Vatican cemetery

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 week ago
A homeless man will be buried in a Vatican cemetery, in an unprecedented gesture approved by Pope Francis, Italian media report. Willy Herteller, a homeless man of Flemish origin...

Ultimatum: ISIS To Kill 150 Christians Unless Obama Stops Airstrikes

Creative Minority Report - 5 months 1 week ago
They're assuming that President Obama cares all that much:Inquistr:ISIS is clearly feeling the pain after weeks of intense air strikes against it by the U.S.- led coalition...

Indian archbishop thanks prime minister for role in release of kidnapped Jesuit

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 week ago
Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi has thanked India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his role in the release of Father Alexis Prem Kumar, the Jesuit priest who was freed this week...

Irish Prime Minister endorses gay ‘marriage’

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 1 week ago
Kenny said a Yes vote would send out a 'powerful signal' that Ireland had become a 'fair, compassionate and tolerant nation.'

Amazing Pro-Life Video “Stolen Moments” Gives a Face to Aborted Babies - 5 months 1 week ago
An amazing new pro-life video called “Stolen Moments” gives a face to “the lives ended by abortion” according to producer Jason Vaughn. “I wanted something different that made...

VIDEO: Cardinal Burke discusses his new role

The Deacon's Bench - 5 months 1 week ago
Check this out, from the good people at CNS: a new video wherein Cardinal Raymond Burke discusses his work with the Knights of Malta, the Synod, and various writing projects he’s...

Obamacare Will Pay for Your Abortion But Won’t Include Your Baby in Your Health Insurance - 5 months 1 week ago
President Obama promised that under the Affordable Care Act those who needed health insurance would be covered and that the American people wouldn’t be funding abortions....

Synod office reportedly blocked delivery of book challenging Kasper proposal

Catholic Culture - World News - 5 months 1 week ago
The Vatican's Office of the Synod intercepted mail to prevent delivery of a book to bishops participating in last October's session of the Synod, journalist Edward Pentin ...

Papal palates: Swiss Guard cookbook to hit shelves by summer

The Compass (Green Bay, WI) - 5 months 1 week ago
VATICAN CITY — A cookbook featuring favorite dishes of the three most-recent popes and their elite military corps will be available this summer in English. “Buon Appetito, Swiss...

Do Tears Come When We Pray? - 5 months 1 week ago
Image credit: Pixabay In a beautiful homily by Pope Francis for the Ash Wednesday liturgy, our Holy Father encouraged all Catholics to ask God for “the gift of tears in order to...

Man Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend in the Head and Kills Her Unborn Baby - 5 months 1 week ago
Unfortunately, we have two posts today about murders whose brutality almost defies belief. Authorities charged Brian D. Williams of Missouri Tuesday with four counts of murder in...

‘I have to go save my baby!’: what happened when I showed the dad outside the clinic photos of aborted babies

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 1 week ago
'What do I do? How do I save my child?' There was a desperation in his eyes that I will never forget.

"The most important thing in play is faith. But faith is preserved whole and intact or it is lost."

Saint Louis Catholic - 5 months 1 week ago
Further to the subject of my last post, Rorate Caeli has posted this truly excellent commentary on the Synod and its stakes by Alessandro Gnocchi. It is a must read.


dotCommonweal - 5 months 1 week ago
There has been a lot of fiery rhetoic about Netanyahu's acceptance of an invitation to speak to the U.S. Congress without consultating the White House and Dept. of State. There...

Southern Baptist affiliate may expel church for performing same-sex ‘wedding’

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 1 week ago
The church's pastor believes the Bible does not condemn “adult, loving, monogamous, same sex relationships.”

Canadian College’s Student Government Bans Pro-Life Student Group Without Explanation - 5 months 1 week ago
On February 23rd, the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) Board of Directors unanimously voted that a group of pro-life students would not be allowed to form a pro-life club. This vote...

Lila Ames, theologian (Lila pp.91-177)

dotCommonweal - 5 months 1 week ago
Theology is unique among academic disciplines. Although it is indispensible for a liberal arts education, its proper home has never been in the academy. The ultimate end of...

Obama circumvents military, makes it harder to discharge transgender soldiers: Report

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 1 week ago
“[R]egulations regarding transgender [soldiers]…should not be disregarded or circumvented as a political payoff to the President's LGBT constituency,” Elaine Donnelly, president...

Dr. Carolyn Woo on “What is Lent?” - 5 months 1 week ago
Catholic Relief Services and the CRS Rice Bowl program have created a compelling Lenten video series that asks “What is Lent?”. For the next eight days, I am going to share each...
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