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Pope sends off missionaries of mercy to help people open hearts to God

The Catholic Spirit (St. Paul, MN) - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Pope Francis marked the beginning of the church's Lenten journey by sending off several hundred religious and diocesan priests on their own special path as "missionaries of mercy...

Planned Parenthood Calls John Kasich “an Extreme Anti-Abortion Governor.” His Response is Priceless - 5 months 2 weeks ago
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Planned Parenthood doesn’t like it when the government takes money away from them. So, when Ohio state legislators approved legislation to de-...

Missouri AG candidate blasts GOP opponent on abortion: he’s ‘multiple choice’

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Josh Hawley accused his opponent, former assistant attorney general Kurt Schaefer, of supporting abortion and human cloning when it suits him.

AN EDITOR’S LIFE | Film highlights need for accountability

Saint Louis Review - Viewpoints - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Teak Phillips In an era when many of us rush to share or receive the latest information, it's good to be reminded that methodical journalism...

FAITH AND CULTURE | Nearness to Christ

Saint Louis Review - Viewpoints - 5 months 2 weeks ago
F. Javier Orozco Recently, I noted some of the significant ways in which photography has evolved, especially through new technology. For...

11 February 2013: Benedict XVI announced abdication

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 5 months 2 weeks ago
On this dark day in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he was to resign his office at Bishop of Rome.  He would step down on 28 February. He announced to a hastily assembled...

First Sunday of Lent: EF Polyphonic Mass in Grand Rapids, Michigan

New Liturgical Movement - 5 months 2 weeks ago
The student Capella of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, will sing polyphonic works of Victoria, Palestrina, and Duruflé at a celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite...

‘Rhode Island’s Most Notorious Abortionist’ to Speak at Providence College

Catholic Education Daily - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Providence College, a Catholic Dominican institution in Rhode Island, is scheduled to host a political panel discussion Thursday night featuring a former Planned Parenthood of...

Mass in Nazareth to mark the World Day of the Sick - 5 months 2 weeks ago
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis’ Special Envoy, Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, celebrated Mass on Thursday in the town of Nazareth in the Holy Land to mark the Church’s World Day of...

Win a 2016 Magnificat Lenten Companion!

Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Yes, that is my actual face. lol. #AshTagHello, my dears. I hope your Ash Wednesday went well. I had a pretty packed day. A city inspector came to check our bathroom (which has...

Chelsea Clinton: I left the Baptist church at age 6 because it was pro-life

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 2 weeks ago
'I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was six in Sunday school,' she said.

“Dead” Baby Boy Miraculously Wakes Up Just Before He’s Cremated - 5 months 2 weeks ago
When his premature baby boy was declared dead, his father wrapped him in layers of cloth and took his body to the morgue. But 15 hours later, workers at the Chinese morgue heard...

The Doctor of Charity, on Death

Saint Louis Catholic - 5 months 2 weeks ago
O Jesus, from this moment I wish to employ all my powers in accepting all the circumstances and pains of my death; from this moment I desire to accept death in the place, hour,...

Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes

Big C Catholics - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Today, February 11, marks the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1858 to fourteen-year-old Marie Bernade Soubirous. Between February 11 and July 16, 1858, the Blessed...

Politics, Populism & Plainspokenness

dotCommonweal - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Though some of its conceivable outcomes have me shuddering in dread, I have to acknowlege that the current presidential race is shaping up as the most fascinating one in my...

Alberta bishops and NDP gvmt hope for compromise on ‘transgender’ mandate

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Yet it remains unclear how exactly that could work out as both sides hold to their positions.

Oregon Assisted Suicide Deaths Hit Record High in 2015 - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Oregon just released its phony-baloney annual assisted suicide statistics. (Phony-baloney since they rely almost exclusively on doctor self reporting, and the Oregon death...

Activists Start Christians for Abortion Organization, Say “Pro-Lifers Not in Line With the Bible” - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Angered by the 40 Days for Life pro-life campaigns in England, a group of abortion activists who call themselves Christians recently formed a counter-campaign. The UK blog...

Your Ash Wednesday Sermon Notes

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 5 months 2 weeks ago
Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard at Holy Mass for Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday was not a Holy Day of Obligation, as all Sundays are. For my part, I spoke...
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