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New study reveals the truth behind broken families using men v. women census

Catholic Online - Featured News - 2 days 10 hours ago
New study reveals the truth about men and women.

The Arctic is drowning in plastic, and it could kill us all

Catholic Online - Featured News - 2 days 10 hours ago
Our planet is drowning in plastic, and this is becoming obvious, even in the pristine Arctic. Researcher now estimate that up to 1,200 tons of ...

Mexican nuns create first U.S. convent in Denver

Catholic Online - Featured News - 2 days 10 hours ago
Six Allied Discalced Carmelites of the Holy Trinity nuns, the first of their order, opened a convent in the United States.

Scientists think they know where MH370 REALLY is based on new research

Catholic Online - Featured News - 2 days 10 hours ago
Scientists are hopeful the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, will be renewed following tests that show the plane is likely in a new, smaller ...

Pope Francis WILL canonize Fatima's Francisco and Jacinta Marto in Portugal next month

Catholic Online - Featured News - 2 days 10 hours ago
During his trip to Portugal for the centenary of the Fatima Marian apparitions next month, Pope Francis will canonize visionaries Francisco and ...

Priestfit, Part 2: An Interview with Fr. Casey Jones

Word on Fire - Fr. Robert Barron - 2 days 10 hours ago
Following up on yesterday's interview, today Jared Zimmerer interviews PriestFit co-founder Fr. Casey Jones, the co-founder of Priestfit, an organization created to help encourage...

This Joyful Eastertide

Integrated Catholic Life - 2 days 11 hours ago
Augustine once proclaimed, “We are an Easter people and ‘Alleluia’ is our song!” When the Easter Vigil’s beauty is over, when family visits have come to an end, and when the last...

5 Beautiful documentaries to help your kids fall in love with nature

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
Family friendly, fun ways to help children understand the importance of Earth Day.Disney is famous for their make-believe worlds — their fairy tales and superheroes, their Haunted...

Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, and the 5-Finger Gospel

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
Did you know these two Catholic women heroes spent time together in Calcutta in 1970?Many may not know, but in 1970 Dorothy Day took a trip to Calcutta and was invited by Mother...

It’s Easter, time to feast, not fast

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
Even though it's Friday, you are free to find a steak and dive in!Throughout the year, Catholics are asked to practice a form of penance each Friday. Traditionally this was...

Tourists toss more than $1.5 million into Rome’s Trevi Fountain

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
...and it all goes to help the poor.At Rome’s Trevi Fountain, the coin you toss in goes to help the needy, and it’s no drop in the bucket. Last year, more than $1.5 million...

Learning to love with Alanna-Marie Boudreau

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
Enter an acoustic wonderland.“If I could love you more than all the saints and angels combined…” The heart of the song “Simon (Petros)” is the desire to learn to love as...

Is ‘co-living’ a housing solution for modern times?

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
Cohousing, an intergenerational type of community living originating in Denmark, is on the rise in the US.At times it can seem that our modern lives are more individualized than...

Did Zoroastrianism shape monotheism?

Aleteia - 2 days 11 hours ago
A recent article by Joobin Bekhrad for the BBC sheds light on the possible Iranian roots of Western religionsPersian and Judeo-Persian studies have been neglected for a long time...

From Mexico to Fatima, the Holy Children “witnesses of truth” 

Vatican Insider - 2 days 12 hours ago
At 11 and 9 years Francesco and Jacinta Marto, the two illiterate "Pastorinhos" of Fatima to whom in 1917 appeared the "Lady", the Virgin Mary in the Cova da Iria, probably would...

Refugees resettled into Queensland’s country towns are finding new life and steady employment

The Catholic Leader - 2 days 13 hours ago
TOOWOOMBA is welcoming the stranger – offering a helping hand and a new life to hundreds of Syrians fleeing the war with Islamic State. Three months ago, Nesrin Khoury arrived...

Pope Francis sends regrets to Brazil for not visiting this year

Catholic News Agency - General - 2 days 13 hours ago
Vatican City, Apr 20, 2017 / 08:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis sent a letter to the president of Brazil, apologizing for his inability to visit in 2017 and encouraging the...

ASK FATHER: Eating meat on Friday in the Octave of Easter

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 2 days 14 hours ago
Let’s get out in front of this before the calendar clicks over to Friday From a reader… QUAERITUR: My wife and I recently returned to the traditional friday abstinence from meat...

Brisbane Catholics rejoice as Church approves canonisation of Fatima visionaries Francisco and Jacinta Marto

The Catholic Leader - 2 days 14 hours ago
VISIONARIES Francisco and Jacinta Marto, two of the three Fatima children who witnessed Marian apparitions 100 years ago, will be canonised on May 13. Pope Francis will canonise...

Living the Life of Mercy: Readings for Divine Mercy Sunday

The Sacred Page - 2 days 15 hours ago
Behind the readings for this Sunday lies a Gospel text which is never read, but whose influence is felt and whose concepts and images serves as a link between the texts that are...
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