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Pornography lessons? Not at my school, says Catholic headmaster

Catholic Herald - 6 months 4 days ago
The headmaster of Downside School has spoken out against suggestions that pornography should be taught in schools. Following comments by the broadcaster and journalist Dame Jenni...

REVIEW: Robert Harris – Conclave

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 6 months 4 days ago
I am minded of a witty review back in the day by Dorthy Parker, who wrote of a book that it should not be put down lightly; it should be hurled with great force. A scan of the...

Inside the Democrats’ Trojan Horse

Catholic Herald - 6 months 4 days ago
You wouldn’t expect Hillary Clinton’s staff and senior supporters to think very highly of conservative Catholics. But reading their own words, when they don’t think anyone else...

The Church tilts south

Catholic Herald - 6 months 4 days ago
The historic election of the first non-European Jesuit superior-general points to two great trends in the Church. First, the new focus on Latin America, home to 40 per cent of the...

What I owe my ‘crazy’ nuns

Catholic Herald - 6 months 4 days ago
I sometimes get into quite heated arguments about nuns. The problem occurs when I meet fellow 1960s women who went to bad convent schools. They relate horror stories of humourless...

Daily Gospel Reflection for October 20, 2016 - 6 months 4 days ago
Today’s Gospel: Luke 12, 49-53 Can you hear the passion in Jesus’s voice? He knows the fire is coming; he knows his suffering is imminent. There’s an urgency to his words, as if...

Morning Catholic must-reads: 20/10/16

Catholic Herald - 6 months 4 days ago
The Iraqi faithful have begun to celebrate the liberation of Qaraqosh, home to many Christians before it was captured by ISIS (facts). Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has made...

What Will You Do When the Persecution Comes?

Crisis Magazine - Church - 6 months 5 days ago
I know there are plenty of Catholics who are, in one way or another, looking forward to the relentless institutional persecution that is coming our way unless we surrender the...

Time for Christians to Unplug from Our Hostile Culture

Crisis Magazine - Church - 6 months 5 days ago
Editor’s note: The following talk, originally titled “Remembering Who We Are and the Story We Belong To,” was delivered October 19, 2016 at the 2016 Bishops’ Symposium co-...

Pope backs initiative against child labor

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
Pope Francis has lent his support to a national Brazilian initiative to eliminate child labor.

Orthodox theologian argues against historic Church-state alignment

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
Pantelis Kalaitzidis, director of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies in Greece, has published a work arguing against the desirability of the alignment of Church and state...

Russia poised to ban ‘baby boxes’

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
The Russian parliament is poised to ban “baby boxes”—heated incubators in which mothers can anonymously leave a newborn child.

Dear Fathers: An Advent challenge for you

Rorate Coeli - 6 months 5 days ago
A note and call to action for our priestly readers (and for our lay readers, send this post to your local parish priests): We often hear from diocesan priests who either pray a...

Iraqi Christians rejoice at town’s liberation from ISIS

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
Advancing toward Mosul, the Iraqi army has liberated Bakhdida from the forces of the Islamic State.

Slow Burn: The Final Presidential Debate

Commonweal - 6 months 5 days ago
The third—and, mercifully, final—presidential debate tracked the contours of the campaign that’s unfolded since this summer’s conventions: an indeterminate beginning that saw...

Catholic college bars ‘unborn lives matter’ poster

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
The president of a Catholic university has prohibited a Republican student organization from displaying an “unborn lives matter” poster on the campus.

Thieves target Liverpool churches, including cathedral

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 5 days ago
In recent weeks, thieves have broken into over a dozen churches in the Liverpool area, including the city’s Catholic cathedral.

American Catholic Radio for October 24-30, 2016

American Catholic - Saints - 6 months 5 days ago
American Catholic Radio: Disciples Called to Witness Week of October 24, 2016 — Program #16-44

Frank Turner's Secular Gospel: The Beauty of Humanity

Word on Fire - Fr. Robert Barron - 6 months 5 days ago
One of the main missions of the Church here on Earth is to search for and promote beauty. Our universe, as it has been created and saturated with meaning, depth, and beauty, is a...
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