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What If We All Entered Every Conversation With The Belief That We Have Something To Learn?

Catholic Online - Featured News - 6 months 2 days ago
What if we all entered every conversation with the belief that we have something to learn from the other?

Beheading videos and the ISIS flag - Masked man intimidates Trump supporters in Washington

Catholic Online - Featured News - 6 months 2 days ago
A group of President Donald Trump supporters were enjoying themselves in a sports bar in northwest Washington when a masked man approached the large ...

What did Pope Francis tell U.S. President Donald Trump after the inauguration?

Catholic Online - Featured News - 6 months 2 days ago
Pope Francis congratulated Donald Trump on his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, praying that God will grant him ...

Divine intervention? More sexual education? U.S. abortion rates declining - but why?

Catholic Online - Featured News - 6 months 2 days ago
A reported drop in the United States abortion rate by the Guttmacher Institute is good news to pro-life leaders, who nevertheless acknowledge that ...

Secret Service eyes Madonna after star threatens to blow up White House during Women's March on Washington

Catholic Online - Featured News - 6 months 2 days ago
Pop star Madonna was one of several celebrities attending the Women's March on Washington Saturday, January 21, just one day after Donald Trump was ...

Life Begins at Conception According to Medical Science

Integrated Catholic Life - 6 months 2 days ago
The Science is in and It is Conclusive Medical Science has long understood when a new, self-determining, unique human life begins. It begins at fertilization, also called...

Bullied gaming nerd turned world-renowned violinist now shares her original music

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
  The two things that made her famous are the very things she used to be bullied for: her love of violin and video games. But self-proclaimed “proud nerd” Taylor Davis decided not...

NFL columnist believes faith in God is biggest under-covered story in football

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
As the 2016-2017 NFL season comes to an end, Sports Illustrated gathered a panel of respected NFL media members for a roundtable discussion on a variety of topics. Among the...

‘Charlotte’s Web’ gave my son a first taste of suffering, and it nearly killed me

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
  My 7-year-old wandered into my home office looking downcast. As he silently started browsing the shelves for a book, I realized he must have just finished Charlotte’s Web, which...

Watching the March for Women from my vantage point in Rome

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
The thought of thousands of women marching in Washington, expressing the beauty and strength of women everywhere and demanding the dignity and respect they deserve, made me dream...

A fast take on ‘The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run’ with Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
Aleteia posed six questions to Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda about her latest book, The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run: Fr. Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma, published by Our Sunday Visitor...

Why did Thomas Merton (and others!) find ‘Doctor Zhivago’ so inspiring?

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
  Not many films can claim as their source material a novel published by the CIA and distributed by the Vatican. In fact, as far as I know, there is only one: Doctor Zhivago....

Pregnant Pro-Lifer Abby Johnson Pushed into Street at “Women’s March,” Then Protected by Marchers

ChurchPOP - 6 months 2 days ago
Abby Johnson, prominent pro-life leader who is currently visibly pregnant, was pushed into the street at the Women’s March in Washington D.C., The post Pregnant Pro-Lifer Abby...

How to Support the #MarchForLife With Your Profile Pic in 3 Easy Steps

ChurchPOP - 6 months 2 days ago
The annual pro-life March for Life in Washington D.C. is less than a week away! Whether you are joining the march in Washington The post How to Support the #MarchForLife With...

The Obama Administration Website Is Archived

The Religion Clause - 6 months 2 days ago
As reported by CNN, as with past administrations the White House website of the Obama Administration disappeared when President Trump was sworn in, and now links to...

Trump Attends Traditional Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Service

The Religion Clause - 6 months 2 days ago
This morning, President Donald Trump attended an interfaith prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral.  The service is traditionally held the day after the presidential...

India Journal: Celebrate! Sponsored Children Shine #UnboundAdventure - 6 months 2 days ago
To enjoy all of my India Journal entries and travel with me and Unbound, click here. This special day in India began with dosas and dressing. The night prior, each of us were...

If This Weren't Real

Saint Louis Catholic - 6 months 2 days ago
You'd have to make it up. The Holy Father never disappoints.


Saint Louis Catholic - 6 months 2 days ago
Border patrol finally effective!

Day Of Prayer For The Legal Protection Of Unborn Children | 2017

Big C Catholics - 6 months 2 days ago
(Note: Due to January 22nd falling on a Sunday this year, the designated observance for the 2017  Day Of Prayer for the Protection Of the Unborn is Monday, January 23rd.)A great...
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