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2 June 1865: America Civil War officially ended (and more)

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 5 months 3 weeks ago
150 years ago today, the American Civil War officially ended. From History: In an event that is generally regarded as marking the end of the Civil War, Confederate General Edmund...

Cardinal Burke: Reverent Liturgy Essential to Catholic College Education

Catholic Education Daily - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Properly and beautifully celebrated liturgy is essential to a Catholic college education, said Cardinal Raymond Burke, who headlined today’s Cardinal Newman Society event at Sacra...

5 emerging issues that threaten women’s health and safety

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Globally, the health and safety of women is being threatened by a corrupt industry that exploits them and devalues human life.

Senate Will Introduce Pro-Life Bill Next Week Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks - 5 months 3 weeks ago
The lead Senate sponsor of the pro-life bill that bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth will introduce the legislation next week. Last month, the...

Cheapskate Church

Creative Minority Report - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Guess what? Catholics deserved just pay for their wage, even when they work for the Church.SocialJustinistas in collars will cry about just wages for all!! Except of course...

Our Time? It Counts! - 5 months 3 weeks ago
by DuBoix, 2012, This is our time. Yours and mine. We might have been born some years in the past, or in the future. But we were not born then. We are here now....

Forum: Hospitalland and the Divinization of One’s Passivities

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Father Robert Barron is the founder of the global ministry, Word on Fire, and the Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary in Chicago. He is the creator of the award winning...

Texas Cuts $1.2 Million in Taxpayer Funding From Planned Parenthood Abortion Business - 5 months 3 weeks ago
(LiveActionNews) — After a month of negotiating the state’s two-year budget, the Texas Legislature’s new proposal cuts Planned Parenthood from its Breast and Cervical Cancer...

Gay atheist rips into Irish bishops’ weak response on gay ‘marriage’

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 3 weeks ago
'Can’t these Christians see that the moral basis of their faith cannot be sought in the pollsters’ arithmetic?'

Read and ponder: Attacks on pregnancy centers parallel fugitive slave acts

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 3 weeks ago
The true object of this new California law is neither safety nor legal protection; it is death.

Kansas Abortion Clinic Sues to Stop Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb - 5 months 3 weeks ago
As expected, opponents of Kansas’ historic new ban on dismemberment abortion are seeking an injunction in the Shawnee County District Court of Judge Larry Hendricks to prevent the...

Mad Men and Christian chivalry

LifeSiteNews - 5 months 3 weeks ago
he male chivalry toward women portrayed in shows like “Mad Men” doesn’t even get close to the heart of Christian chivalry.

Five Things To Remember On June 2

USCCB Media Blog - 5 months 3 weeks ago
1. A new site from the USCCB debuted today called, "We Are Salt And Light," and will help Catholics respond to Jesus’ call to be “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” found...

Flannery O'Connor on Faith, the Priesthood, and the Catholic Church

Big C Catholics - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Flannery O'Connor Christ was crucified on earth and the Church is crucified by all of us, by her members most particularly, because she is a church of sinners. Christ never said...

How quickly will journalists grant O'Malley that 'Pope Francis Democrat' label?

GetReligion - 5 months 3 weeks ago
If Martin O'Malley hired an army of public-relations pros he could have produced a better White House campaign slogan than the one offered by Religion News service the other day...

Mom Posts 10 Things She Hates About Having a Child With Down Syndrome - 5 months 3 weeks ago
As many moms and dads know, parenting can be difficult regardless of if a child has a disability or not. However, some parents don’t like to acknowledge that there are aspects of...

Not expected to live, boy defies doctors' predictions

The Busy Catholic - 5 months 3 weeks ago
Father calls his son's birth a miracle, testifies to value of unborn Mohsen Sithole holds his son, Ethan, at his home in Coquitlam. Doctors had predicted the boy would not survive...

June: The Month Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - 5 months 3 weeks ago
I love the month of June and finding ways to make Ordinary Time special after all of the celebration of Easter! In June the month is dedicated to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, and...

The Light Knight: When Batman Was Fun

The Compass (Green Bay, WI) - 5 months 3 weeks ago
NEW YORK — Before the despairing tone of the film “The Dark Knight Rises,” before the violent video game “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” before the shadowy and filthy world of modern...

ASK FATHER: Can friends of same sex “marry” to avoid deportation?

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 5 months 3 weeks ago
From a reader… QUAERITUR: A friend of mine is a faithful homosexual Catholic, in a committed chaste relationship with another homosexual Catholic since years [in a non-USA country...
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