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Former MP Pierre Lemieux to run for Tory leadership on social conservative platform

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 6 days ago
The Catholic father of five had a perfect pro-life voting record during his three terms as MP in Canada.

She broke my father's crucifix; Christ's crucifixion taught me to choose love - 6 months 6 days ago
My father died in the late fall of 2005. There are many reminders of his presence in my life, but my favorite one is immortalized in a photograph. It is a picture of my father on...

WATCH: College official confirms that aborted baby brains were dissected by high school students

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 6 days ago
'There should be immediate criminal charges filed against UNM and Roth, who apparently took no issue with high school kids dissecting aborted baby brains.'

Catholic Politician Defends Abortion, Says Catholic Church Doesn’t Think Unborn Babies are People - 6 months 6 days ago
Minnesota state Rep. John Lesch is a Catholic and a politician in the conservative mid-west. He also supports abortions. Lesch, a board member of the pro-abortion group Catholics...

Feast of Saint Bartholomew, Apostle

Big C Catholics - 6 months 6 days ago
The Feast of Saint Bartholomew is August 24th. Bartholomew is one of the twelve Apostles. He is mentioned in all four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. John’s Gospel states he...

City of Chicago Sued for Unconstitutional Abortion Clinic Ordinance

Thomas More Society - 6 months 6 days ago
Thomas More Society Files Complaint Against Chicago’s Mayor and Police Superintendent The Thomas More Society filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago over its abortion...

This Vatican shakeup sends shivers down my spine

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 6 days ago
Many disconcerting activities are going on in the Catholic Church right now that could directly affect the manner in which our children and grandchildren will be taught.

Getting broken has been strangely good

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 6 months 6 days ago
Was feeling pretty down last week.  Bullets you fire through your own feet can carry a bit of a sting.  And great flaming walls of hate washing over you can also bring on the...

8 Reasons Jim Gaffigan Shouldn't Quit His Show

Creative Minority Report - 6 months 6 days ago
Dear Jim Gaffigan,I am writing this heartfelt post to convince you, Jim Gaffigan, to continue with your show, The Jim Gaffigan Show, on TV Land. Recently, you announced that there...

Mother Put Her 4-Day-Old Baby in the Refrigerator for Hours, Killing Him - 6 months 6 days ago
A woman in South Carolina has been arrested on murder chargers after she allegedly put her newborn baby in the refrigerator for hours. Angela Renee Blackwell, 27, was arrested...

Louisiana floods called worst U.S. natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy

The Catholic Spirit (St. Paul, MN) - 6 months 6 days ago
The line of destruction caused by historic flooding in southern Louisiana stretches for 25 miles, and according to Red Cross officials, it is the worst natural disaster in the...

Enough ‘comfort Catholicism.’ The Church must prepare for persecution.

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 6 days ago
We are at war and like any soldier, we must train to fight well.

Amici Tell SCOTUS of Importance of ERISA Church Plan Cases

The Religion Clause - 6 months 6 days ago
On Aug. 12 and 15 several amicus briefs were filed by religious advocacy groups with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting petitions for certiorari in two cases involving the question...

Vatican newspaper: ‘Amoris Laetitia’ is authoritative church teaching

The Catholic Spirit (St. Paul, MN) - 6 months 6 days ago
Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on the family is an example of the "ordinary magisterium" -- papal teaching -- to which Catholics are obliged to give "religious submission of...

You Report: a Traditional double first in Dundee, Scotland

Rorate Coeli - 6 months 6 days ago
From a Scottish reader:On Sunday 21st August the royal and ancient Diocese of Dunkeld in Scotland celebrated a double first. His Excellency Bishop Robson, the Ordinary of the...

Conventional arms can be 'weapons of mass destruction,' Vatican envoy reminds UN

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 6 days ago
Speaking on August 23 to a UN session on controlling weapons of mass destruction, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Vatican's permanent observer, made the point that conventional...

Listen to Me on Sheila Liaugminas Yesterday

Creative Minority Report - 6 months 6 days ago
Hi all. I was on Sheila Liaugminas' radio show "A Closer Look" yesterday. I was talking about my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage" and the importance...

ASK FATHER: Only half-way decent parish near us is still not good. What to do?

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 6 months 6 days ago
From a reader… QUAERITUR: When my wife and I attend Mass at our regular parish, we have always made it a point to receive Communion from the priest. Recently, when we did so, the ...

Clock ticking on ‘oppressive’ California bill forcing LGBT ideology on Christian colleges

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 6 days ago
California Senate Bill 1146 that would require schools to abandon their moral principles has until August 31 to pass in the state legislature.

We have no king but Trump!

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 6 months 6 days ago
“I’ll tell you one thing: I get elected president, we’re going to be saying ‘merry Christmas’ again. Just remember that,” he said. “And by the way, Christianity will have power,...
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