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Hollywood Sours on Divorce and Embraces the Family

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
When Mrs. Doubtfire received a letter from a concerned child asking about how she could get her parents back together, the fake nanny responds by saying, “There are all sorts of...

But, Father, Was It Right for the Pope to Save Muslim Refugees Instead of Christians?

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
Many people have criticized the pope for bringing three Muslim refugee families back to Rome with him after his visit to Lesbos in Greece. Some consider it an offense and have...

Making Prayer “Fun” for Kids? Um, No

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
Dear Crescat, Help! My kids don’t enjoy praying. They get bored with the rosary, bored at Mass, bored out of their minds during adoration. All I want is to pray together as a...

5 Reasons to Stay Until the End of Mass

Aleteia - 6 months 2 days ago
Most of us have probably done it at least once or twice. We make a beeline for the door with our heads down after receiving communion because we have something important to do. We...

Should a Catholic University take Koch Funding?

dotCommonweal - 6 months 2 days ago
Can a Catholic university legitimately take money from the likes of the Koch Brothers? This is not a hypothetical question. Many Catholic universities are implicated. But none...

Powerful Medicine

The Curt Jester - 6 months 2 days ago
There has been a lot of virtual ink spilt over this one footnote in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia. I would also point out that the Eucharist “is not a prize for the...

Manitoba school district stands by policy against middle school gay lessons

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 2 days ago
‘We believe this is sensitive matter best raised in the family,’ the board chairman tells LifeSiteNews.

This counseling student says he was expelled for his Christian beliefs

Catholic News Agency - General - 6 months 2 days ago
Springfield, Mo., Apr 25, 2016 / 05:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A former counseling student says that he was pushed out of a university after saying that he would refer same-sex...

Suspended audit reveals power struggle at the Vatican

Catholic News Agency - General - 6 months 2 days ago
Vatican City, Apr 25, 2016 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The recent suspension of an audit of Vatican finances by a major accounting firm shed light on a lively debate within the...

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Get Support From Women Voters Despite So-Called “War on Women” - 6 months 2 days ago
Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner perfectly summarized the amazing results of a new Gallup Poll in his opening two paragraphs: Women are increasingly turning their noses up...

How Christian women suffer worse persecution than men

Catholic News Agency - General - 6 months 2 days ago
Santa Ana, Calif., Apr 25, 2016 / 04:48 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A recent global survey reveals that the rise of radical Islamic extremism is the primary reason for the persecution of...

Woman Convicted of Faking Cancer to Get Tax Money to Abort Her 22-Week-Old Baby - 6 months 2 days ago
A jury in Arizona has convicted Chalice Renee Zeitner of faking a cancer diagnosis in a scheme to get the state to pay for the 2010 abortion of her 22-week-old unborn baby....

Yes, the Austin American-Statesman sent a reporter to the Rev. Jordan Brown's church

GetReligion - 6 months 2 days ago
For those who are curious, The Austin American-Statesman did send a reporter to the anticipated Sunday Church of Open Doors service to see if the Rev. Jordan Brown or any members...

The insidious danger behind 'family balancing'

Catholic News Agency - General - 6 months 2 days ago
Washington D.C., Apr 25, 2016 / 04:21 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- For years, expectant parents have relied on ultrasounds to find out the sex of their unborn baby.   But now, technology...

Ted Cruz is vetting Carly Fiorina for vice president: report

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 2 days ago
Former staffers confirmed early Monday evening that Fiorina, who gave the keynote speech at this year's March for Life, is on the short list.

Led to Each Other, Thanks to Theology of the Body #TOBtalk - 6 months 2 days ago
Thanks for joining us for CatholicMom’s next installment of #TOBtalk, where we’re discussing the impact John Paul II’s Theology of the Body has had on us. Today, Megan Swaim ...

Wild turkey feast feeds 16

Catholic Hot Dish - 6 months 2 days ago
The payoff of my turkey hunt April 13 came on Saturday, when I prepared my favorite recipe: wild turkey/wild rice casserole. This would be the largest group I would feed with this...

Secretariat for Economy defends contract for external audit

Catholic Culture - World News - 6 months 2 days ago
The Vatican's Secretariat for the Economy has rejected the claim that an external audit was suspended because the contract with the auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, had not ...

Thousands gather nationwide for 220-plus #ProtestPP rallies

LifeSiteNews - 6 months 2 days ago
Post-abortive women, disabled people happy not to have been aborted, and a cross-section of the nation gathered Saturday to say: Defund Planned Parenthood.

Florida Supreme Court Suspends Pro-Life Law for Waiting Period Before an Abortion - 6 months 2 days ago
Just two months after a 24-hour abortion waiting period in Florida went in effect, abortion activists convinced the Florida Supreme Court to block the measure again. The high...
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