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Trusting God through the darkest of nights

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
  My husband, Ben, and I walked out of the geneticist’s office stunned and in stony silence. We’d just received a crude copy of a page from some antiquated medical textbook about...

Executed for refusing to say “Yes”

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
  The pages of Christian history are filled with countless names of those who came from virtual anonymity and proceeded to leave an indelible mark. St. Teresa of Calcutta is a...

Listen to the women’s stories, because politics destroys sympathy

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
One of the worst effects of political passion is that it destroys sympathy. Feeling sympathy has no political use. The partisans train themselves to fight for their man without...

How a friendship between a business student and a janitor is changing a university campus

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
If you’re fed up with social media these days, here’s a reminder of how it can be used for good, and a story about bridging one of society’s great divides. It began when a...

‘Fixer Upper’ stars share their Christian faith in new video

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
For the past three years “Fixer Upper” has been a staple home improvement show on HGTV. In January an episode of the show shattered ratings records for the network and “was one of...

The miracle in Mexico that confirmed young Jose’s sainthood

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
Eight years ago, doctors in Mexico disconnected an infant named Ximena Galvez from life support, convinced that she was brain dead. On Sunday, Ximena was giving Pope Francis a big...

New live music project launches with Catholic artists around the world

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
“Live from the World” is a new project from Cecilia Music that aims to use music and social media to build bridges among people across the globe, responding to Pope Francis’s...

Yes, the Rosary is a completely biblical prayer

Aleteia - 1 day 23 hours ago
Katrina, I just happened to come across one of your articles in which you conveyed that praying the rosary is important… Praying the rosary is not biblical and is one of your...

Saint Paul of the Cross

American Catholic - Top News - 1 day 23 hours ago
Image: Engraving, Saint Paul of the Cross. Saint Paul of the Cross Saint of the Day for October 20 (January 3, 1694 – October 18, 1775)

Indigenous culture should be in Australian classrooms, graduating Catholic Torres Strait student says

The Catholic Leader - 2 days 34 min ago
INDIGENOUS high school graduate Sahamar Ruben wants Australia’s education curriculum to include studies in Indigenous culture for the sake of non-indigenous students.Miss Ruben, a...

Hillary Dances Around Question on Abortion

Creative Minority Report - 2 days 53 min ago
Good job of Fox News' Chris Wallace actually asking Hillary Clinton a question on abortion. She didn't come close to answering it, of course. "I want to explore how far you think...

WATCH: Hillary, Trump spar over late-term abortion, Roe v. Wade in final debate

LifeSiteNews - 2 days 1 hour ago
'I'm putting pro-life justices on the court' vs. 'I will defend Roe v. Wade.'

Hillary Clinton Defends Killing Babies in Partial-Birth Abortions: “Government Shouldn’t Step In” - 2 days 1 hour ago
Tonight, during the presidential debate, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended partial birth abortions on babies late in pregnancy. She said that she didn’t...

Trump blasts Hillary on abortion: she thinks it’s okay to ‘rip the baby out of the womb’ up to birth

LifeSiteNews - 2 days 1 hour ago
'If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the womb out of the mother, just prior to the birth of the baby.'

Donald Trump: “I Am Pro-Life and I Will be Appointing Pro-Life Judges” to the Supreme Court - 2 days 1 hour ago
During tonight’s presidential debate Donald Trump made it very clear that he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court who would be likely to overturn the Roe versus...

BREAKING: U of T tells prof to stop fighting transgender pronouns, but he won’t back down

LifeSiteNews - 2 days 1 hour ago
'No I’m bloody well not giving in,' says Prof. Jordan Peterson.

10 Quotations From St. Paul of the Cross on Suffering

Big C Catholics - 2 days 1 hour ago
Saint Paul of the Cross' life was marked by hardships. It is not surprising that he developed such a great love for the Passion of Jesus Christ. His namesake, Saint Paul of Tarsus...

Hillary Clinton: “We Need a Supreme Court That Will Stand Up” for Abortion - 2 days 2 hours ago
During tonight’s presidential debate, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made it clear that she will not appoint a Justice to the nation’s Supreme Court who is...

University of Minnesota charged for illegal fetal tissue use

The Catholic Spirit (St. Paul, MN) - 2 days 2 hours ago
The Thomas More Society charged the University of Minnesota Oct. 19 for illegal possession and use of aborted fetuses in its research practices.

More Casualties Than Ever From the Sexual Revolution

Creative Minority Report - 2 days 2 hours ago
This is great news if you're some kind of groin disease.Daily Mail:Infections from three sexually spread diseases have hit another record high.Chlamydia was the most common. More...
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