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August 21, 2014

I cannot feel God’s presence, am I a bad person?

Integrated Catholic Life - 3 months 2 days ago
I am a Catholic or try to be one, and I am having problems feeling the Power of my religion. I have been so hurt throughout my life and I’ve tried to forgive the people, but it...

When the Game Stands Tall

Integrated Catholic Life - 3 months 2 days ago
It’s not about winning or losing but about how you play the game. Those words are usually reserved for losing teams, but legendary football coach, Bob Ladouceur, who shattered the...

An Army for Making Peace. The Geopolitics of Francis

Chiesa Italy - 3 months 2 days ago
Stopping an unjust aggressor. With weapons if necessary. A pope thought to be pacifist appeals for the military protection of populations attacked by the Islamic caliphate

25 Pictures of John Wayne You Should Probably See

Catholic Vote - 3 months 2 days ago
  Why, you ask? Because it’s Friday, and you’ve been good, and you deserve to let your mind take a break from the beheadings, the black masses, and the race riots. Because I once...

Virginis Proles, Opifexque Matris

Breviary Hymns - 3 months 2 days ago
Mosaic from the Church of St. Agnes, Rome - Courtesy WikipediaVirginis Proles, Opifexque Matris is an anonymous hymn which may date back as far as the 8th century. In the Roman...

Pope calls family of American journalist killed by Muslims

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 3 months 2 days ago
I wonder how many Imams have called the Foley family to express sorrow and to distance themselves from the Caliphate? From ZENIT: Pope Francis Calls Parents of James Foley Pope...

Great moments in journalism: journalists as jackasses in Ferguson

The Deacon's Bench - 3 months 2 days ago
Sadly, this doesn’t really surprise me.  Details:  I had been on the ground helping Al Jazeera America** cover the protests and unrest in Ferguson, Mo., since this all started...

Obama's Priorities

Creative Minority Report - 3 months 2 days ago
Neither genocide nor war nor riots in the night stays this President from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.*subhead*Caption contest.*subhead*

Spectator’s hard-hitting commentary on pontificate of Pope Francis

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 3 months 2 days ago
At The Spectator there is a must read piece by Damian Thompson for anyone who is puzzled about what Pope Francis may be up to, especially in regard to the Roman Curia. Here is an...

“Pope's words on War and Peace are a Radical Shift for the Catholic Church.”

Rorate Coeli - 3 months 2 days ago
Prof. Massimo Cacciari is one of the most influential living philosophers in Italy. An agnostic with a career in politics (he was the mayor of his hometown, Venice, for almost 12...

Can the Catholic Faith Help Overcome Depression?

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
Scientific research shows that a person who seeks to be close to God finds fullness in living and can attain greater stability, says a psychological expert and priest. In an...

Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga Sends Open Letter to Iraqi Church Leaders

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
Caritas Internationalis president Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has sent an open letter to Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako of Babylon and Msgr. Shlemon Warduni, President of...

Patriarch Sako: Protection of Christians Must Come From State

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
Iraqi Christians have an absolute right to self-defense but that protection must come from the state, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako I has said. Fides news agency,...

Pope Sends Condolences on Death of Cardinal Szoka

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
Pope Francis has sent his condolences on the death of Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit, Cardinal Edmund Casimir, to the Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Henry Vigneron. The late...

Head of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Says Country Facing Extremely Difficult Situation

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has said his country faces an extremely difficult situation and strongly rejects Orthodox accusations that his church is...

Antidotes to Today's Distracted and Restless Societies

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
The constraint of time, in a society obsessed by a sort of perennial state of agitation, extreme digitalization and apparently condemned to a fruitless distraction, seems – as...

Former American Head of Vatican Government Dies

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
The Archdiocese of Detroit has expressed its sadness over the death of Cardinal Edmund Casimir Szoka.who passed away August 20th. The American prelate was archbishop of the...

Indonesian President Says Islamic State Extremists Humiliate, Embarrass Muslims

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome - 3 months 2 days ago
Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said the actions of Islamic State (ISIS) militants are “embarrassing” to the Muslim religion and that their slaughters are “...

Learning from the Suicide of Robin Williams - 3 months 2 days ago
Learning of the suicide of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams was downright depressing.  Williams is not the kind of actor you nod your head sadly about, and then quickly...

Pro-Abortion Congressional Candidate Mails Condoms to Pro-Lifers - 3 months 2 days ago
Why do I think Democrat pro-abortion congressional candidate James Woods is slimy? Aside from the fact Woods retaliated against a pro-life letter writing campaign by mailing...


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