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New Abortion Clinic in Oklahoma City Will Abort Babies Up to 24 Weeks Like This One - 3 months 1 day ago
On Sept. 10, Oklahoma City will not be abortion free anymore. Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center Oklahoma City will be the first abortion facility to open in the city in 40...

Pope Francis to address gathering of world’s wealthiest and most famous

LifeSiteNews - 3 months 1 day ago
Pope Francis will address the Fortune 500 CEOs and Time's 100 most influential in December

Rutler on Luther and Islam

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 3 months 1 day ago
As  a former Lutheran, I won’t look forward to Catholic-Lutheran hoopla in 2017.  I, for one, won’t celebrate theological revolt and the shredding of the fabric of Christendom. A...

Parish uses Pokemon Go craze to evangelize

The Busy Catholic - 3 months 1 day ago
Pastor discovers new ways of reaching out in popular game Parishioners Mildred Moy (left), Trisha Ignacio, and Jewel Mendoza pose with a new sign outside their church. Photo...

Blue Mass an opportunity to thank, pray for public safety personnel

The Compass (Green Bay, WI) - 3 months 1 day ago
GREEN BAY — Members of the public safety profession, particularly police officers, have been under the microscope in recent years due to violence directed at minorities. For the...

So all that “Hitler’s Pope” bushwah?

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 3 months 1 day ago
Yeah.  It turns out not so much, according the National Geographic.

College Speech Class and God's Gentle Reminder - 3 months 1 day ago
Photo by Meg Bucaro, 2016. All Rights Reserved One of my college students stopped me after class to ask a few clarifying questions about his upcoming speech assignment. We talked...

Roundup: Georgetown Apologizes for Pro-Slavery Past, and More

Catholic Education Daily - 3 months 1 day ago
Your weekly summary of the latest in Catholic education: Georgetown Sorry for Past Support of Slavery, but What About its Present Support of Pro-Abortion Politicians? It took...

Always remove 50 IQ points when the media covers the Church

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 3 months 1 day ago
So, for instance, this headline should read: San Rafael woman to break canon law to pretend to be ordained Catholic priest It turns out that, as Hebrews says “one does not take...

An Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick From a Black Pro-Lifer With a Surprising Message - 3 months 1 day ago
Dear Colin Kaepernick, I hear you. And so do millions across the country. As a professional athlete, you actually have more sway than pastors. Welcome to a culture driven by the...

Columnist: Parents aren’t the ‘primary educators’

LifeSiteNews - 3 months 1 day ago
A Toronto columnist scoffs at the idea of parents as educators, but he misses the point completely.

Prudence is the knack for seeing what it so

Catholic and Enjoying It! - 3 months 1 day ago
Matthew Tyson, who is prolife, has that knack: The biggest myth sold to the pro-life movement is that Republican presidents appointing Conservative justices are crucial in the...

Retired priest found guilty of 2 counts of sexual misconduct

The Compass (Green Bay, WI) - 3 months 1 day ago
ALLOUEZ — A retired priest of the Green Bay Diocese, Richard Thomas, was found guilty, on Friday, Sept. 2, of two felony counts of sexual misconduct. As part of a plea agreement,...

Obama LIED about payments to Iran HD

Catholic Online - Featured News - 3 months 1 day ago
Obama LIED About Payments To Iran - Paid 4 Times MORE Than Admitted By ...

Notre Dame Must Deny Approval of Gay and Lesbian Alumni Group

Catholic Education Daily - 3 months 1 day ago
The Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s (GALA) has for some years sought, and has had some success in gaining, a foothold on the University of Notre...

Pope Francis receives Portuguese national team shirt - 3 months 1 day ago
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Wednesday greeted Ricardo Quaresma, a member of Portugal’s national football team which won the European Championship this summer. The encounter...

Pope Francis greets German pilgrims with invocation of Our Lady of Altötting - 3 months 1 day ago
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis surprised German-speaking pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, when he greeted them at the end of the weekly General Audience with a few...

Activists Spend $150K Trashing Marco Rubio After He Opposes Aborting Disabled Babies - 3 months 1 day ago
Sen. Marco Rubio is under attack by abortion activists because of his opposition to aborting unborn babies, including those with disabilities linked to the Zika virus. The Tampa...

We know when we are doing wrong, but we deny and rationalize it

LifeSiteNews - 3 months 1 day ago
Prof. J. Budziszewski’s book, 'What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide' is truly a refreshing voice in our present wilderness of secularism and feelings.

STYLE Savvy: Cleaning the Closet - 3 months 1 day ago
Last spring, my high school senior announced that she was looking forward to going through stuff and getting rid of things this summer. Specifically, she’d set her sights on the...
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