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December 19, 2014

Calligraphers protest Vatican decision to print all papal blessing in-house

Catholic Culture - World News - 4 months 6 days ago
Calligraphers and shopkeepers catering to pilgrims and tourists in Rome are protesting the Vatican's announcement that beginning January 1, all papal blessings will be printed and...

My View For Awhile: Final Flights Edition

What Does the Prayer Really Say? - 4 months 6 days ago
Two more flights to wind up this calendar year. Alas, it has to be one from Orlando. Happily it’s a short hop to the next, and last leg. I think Orlando may be the airport I...

Syrian archbishop speaks of hope, joy amid suffering, in Christmas message

Catholic Culture - World News - 4 months 6 days ago
Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart of Aleppo, Syria, has issued a Christmas message encouraging his people to celebrate the feast joyfully despite their troubles. "The greatest ...

The secret to surviving holiday stress

The Deacon's Bench - 4 months 6 days ago
It’s actually tied to the very sentiment that began this festive season back in late November: giving thanks. From PBS comes this wisdom from a family caregiver specialist:   The...

Multi-Millionaire Faces Trial After Attempting to Force His Partner to Get an Abortion - 4 months 6 days ago
The trial of an Edinburgh man accused of attempting to coerce a woman into having an abortion was delayed because the attorney for multi-millionaire Mark Emlick said his client...

New York Times finds the usual suspects behind Anglican division

GetReligion - 4 months 6 days ago
We have a positive ID on those shadowy villains who are wreaking havoc. No, not the guys who hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment. Someone much worse: those who are dividing the...

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Let gay men donate blood

LifeSiteNews - 4 months 6 days ago
Warren claims the ban on gay men giving blood is 'discriminatory,' but has not called for the same ban to be lifted for other groups.

Belfast pro-leader appeals as she’s fined, ordered away from abortion facility

LifeSiteNews - 4 months 6 days ago
'We will stand 100% with Bernadette as she seeks to have this unfair and unjust charge and sentence overturned,' says the Life Institute's Niamh Uí Bhriain.

We cannot build a culture of life unless we fix our flawed financial system

LifeSiteNews - 4 months 6 days ago
Pro-lifers need to recognize that a culture of life is likely to remain nothing more than a sentimental chimera unless it is grounded on a financial and economic system that is...

Lest we forget: journalists in jail around the world

The Deacon's Bench - 4 months 6 days ago
From the Committee to Protect Journalists:  The Committee to Protect Journalists identified 220 journalists in jail around the world in 2014, an increase of nine from 2013. The...

Hardly a slap on the wrist for Femen nude invasion of famous Cathedral

LifeSiteNews - 4 months 6 days ago
Eloise Bouton, 31, wore a blue veil and a crown of red flowers, brandishing two pieces of beef liver symbolizing an aborted child.

Christmas Commercialism Anxiety - 4 months 6 days ago
This time of year, I have a hard time not feeling the stress of the season. I may seem like a Scrooge, but the store papers, commercials, and emails are constantly screaming, “...

The story behind the world’s most bizarre Christmas tradition

The Deacon's Bench - 4 months 6 days ago
That would be this fellow, who is perched on my desk at work — a gift from a priest colleague with a wicked sense of humor. I won’t show you the backside, but he’s doing just what...

1967 English Dominican Rite Breviary, Vol. 2, Available for Download

New Liturgical Movement - 4 months 6 days ago
It has been called to attention the the second volume of the English translation of the Breviary according to the Rite of the Order of Preachers, published by order of fr. Aniceto...

A Teenager Goes to Cuba (pre-"normalized relations")

dotCommonweal - 4 months 6 days ago
Thirteen years ago this month we set for Cuba on a large cruise vessel with a salt water pool called the SS Universe Explorer. Fidel Castro was still its president, and the...

Post: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [video]

Decent Films Guide - 4 months 6 days ago
“Will you follow me … one last time?” Well, if you promise it’s the last time.

Ontario Tories’ education critic: I backed Wynne’s sex-ed plans because unions told me they’re ‘necessary’

LifeSiteNews - 4 months 6 days ago
Tory leadership hopeful Monte McNaughton responds that PC Party must 'stand up for parents and for families.'

Pope: Tree, creche inspire everyone, even nonbelievers, to love, share

The Compass (Green Bay, WI) - 4 months 6 days ago
VATICAN CITY — God did not come to the world with arrogance to impose his might; he offered his powerful love through a fragile child, Pope Francis said. The Christmas tree...


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