Virtual St. Joseph Altar

St. Joseph Altars in the News

2 months ago
Just a few recent news links:St. Joseph will be honored with abundance of altars Metairie's St...

The Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Open!

3 months ago
The 2017 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is now open. This is our 19th year!Visit the Altar...

Prayers for the Dead 2017

3 months ago
This is a place to request prayers for deceased loved ones.Simply list your deceased family and...

What Does the Prayer Really Say?

No Garbage Post!

8 hours ago
The other day I forgot to hit PUBLISH!  Grrrr… Il Monsignore Illustrissimo e Reverendissimo...

Your View From The Pew: SSPX Chapel

9 hours ago
I had an interesting series of texts this morning from a friend in New Jersey. First, he sent a...

QUAERITUR: Can a layperson repose the Blessed...

14 hours ago
From a reader… QUAERITUR: Our priest has asked the two laypersons who attend the last hour of...

Whispers in the Loggia

On "Collection Thursday" – or...

3 days ago
To one and all in the Northeast, Nebraska, The Vatican (yet not Italy) – and the handful of other...

The Audience

5 days ago
Here, the Vatican livefeed as President Trump arrives at the Vatican for his reception by the Pope:...

Another Scarlet Jolt – With Firsts All Around...

1 week ago
For all the tools every Pope has at his disposal, it could be said that Francis wields none more...

Word on Fire - Fr. Robert Barron

St. Philip Neri and the Wisdom of Holy Fools

3 days ago
From St. John the Baptist to St. Francis of Assisi, the Church has a long tradition of “holy fools...

Bishop Barron on Why the Ascension of Jesus M...

4 days ago
Although most U.S. dioceses will celebrate the Feast of Ascension this Sunday, the majority of the...

Men of Principles

5 days ago
How do we raise the level of our cultural discourse? According to Br. Philip Neri Reese, O.P., a...

Zenit - The World as Seen from Rome

ZENIT News in Text Format

1 year ago
Today's news dispatch: Jan. 14, 2016 Read more

Homeless in Rome Attend the Circus

1 year ago
Apostolic Almoner Reports That 2,000 Poor Invited to Rony Roller Circus Read more

Pope Lauds Youth Preparing to Build ‘World of...

1 year ago
Addresses Young People for Jubilee Read more