Catholic Education Daily

D.C. Mayor, Attorney General: New Abortion Ma...

8 hours ago
Yesterday’s vote by the Council of the District of Columbia to approve a bill banning...

Professor Who Exposes Catholic Identity Scand...

1 day ago
Dr. John McAdams, a professor of political science at Marquette University whose blog posts have...

‘Schools of Excellence’ Offer Strong Catholic...

1 day ago
The Cardinal Newman Society spoke to leaders of six Catholic schools recognized by the Newman...

Catholic Herald

Don’t let Doctor Who turn into Polly Toynbee

7 hours ago
If Doctor Who were filling out the national census, what would he put as his religion? Back in the...

Christian refugees in Iraq face up to a bleak...

7 hours ago
David Thamir was having a great time as he played go-karts with other boys. He shrieked, ran and...

The promise of Advent embraces us all

7 hours ago
As Christmas and the New Year approach, we are full of worthy intentions. During these closing days...

Catholic Hot Dish

Having fun hunting and scouting

2 days ago
I have visited the property I bow hunt in Wisconsin twice over the last three days. I hunted there...

Fly a Little Higher: The story that keeps on...

1 week ago
Sobiech family I’ve been known to pitch a few books into the trash because they were rubbish...

Bow hunting lessons learned

2 weeks ago
With the archery hunting season nearing the end, I thought now would be a good time to offer some...

Catholic Media Girl

Moving On – New Blog, Approach, and FB Page

2 years ago
This blog will no longer be updated, as I’ve moved on from “Catholic Media Girl...

A Catholic geek retrospective + How ministrie...

2 years ago
Last year was the first one I’d missed. I actually shed tears. My loyalty to SQPN (Star Quest...

Are you ‘pro-life’ in every sense?

2 years ago
A view of Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes It saddens me that ‘pro-life,’...

Catholic Morality

Thinking He Was Brain Dead Family Was Set to...

7 months ago
Thinking He Was Brain Dead Family Was Set to Give Away His Organs, Then He Held Up Two Fingers

The Transfiguration, Faith and Family Matters

9 months ago
The Transfiguration, Faith and Family Matters If a person wants to probe the mystery of the life...

The Cardinal Must Have Meant, "The Churc...

9 months ago
So, in keeping with what I stated in the last post, here is my response to a story on Yahoo News,...

Catholic News Agency - General

In Central African Republic, Catholics reach...

7 hours ago
Bangui, Central African Republic, Dec 18, 2014 / 04:01 am (Aid to the Church in Need).- The...

With winter knocking for displaced Iraqis, su...

8 hours ago
Washington D.C., Dec 18, 2014 / 02:39 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As millions of displaced Iraqis are...

William May, the prof who renounced his disse...

11 hours ago
Silver Spring, Md., Dec 18, 2014 / 12:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- William E. May, a professor who...

Catholic News Live - Blog

App Revisions; Biggest Month So Far!

1 year ago
Just an update to let you know that we're slowly working on rebuilding parts of the iPhone app (and...

Catholic News Live App for iOS Updated to Sup...

2 years ago
Version 1.0.4 of the Catholic News Live App for iOS was just released. It contains some bugfixes,...

Catholic News Live website redesigned

3 years ago
Catholic News Live has a completely redesigned website! The website, at http://catholicnewslive.com...

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Catholic Servant


3 weeks ago
I produce Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


3 weeks ago
I’m the founder and owner of DigiCentral, a boutique web communications agency. We specialize...

Watch Legos make music

1 year ago
One of the many things that makes us humans so different than the animals.

Catholic Tech Talk - Articles

Is Your Online Donation System Ready for Adve...

4 days ago
Advent is a season of celebration and anticipation as Catholics worldwide await the coming of the...

Advent Calendars Online

2 weeks ago
My kids are now teenagers, but my wife still buys them the chocolate Advent Calendars.  They still...

Introducing LPI’s Art & Media Portal

5 months ago
I need to start this post out with an apology.  Actually, I need to apologize twice, first for...

Catholic Underground

Cu Weekly 282: Liturgical Salivation

3 days ago
This Week, Fr. Chris Decker, Jeff Blackwell, Kathleen Lee and Fr. Ryan Humphries discussed Advent...

CU Weekly 281: Adveniat Regnum Eius!

2 weeks ago
This Week, Fr. Chris Decker, Jeff Blackwell, Kathleen Lee and Fr. Ryan Humphries discussed Advent...

CU Weekly 280: Weave Good Tapestries

4 weeks ago
This Week, Fr. Chris Decker, Jeff Blackwell, Kathleen Lee and Fr. Ryan Humphries discussed...

Catholic Vote

The President and Who We are as a People

19 hours ago
The always excellent Andrew Ferguson has a good piece at the Weekly Standard commenting on...

VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Goes to Mass

1 day ago
A new SNL video is eagerly being shared on Facebook because … it treats “church” like a normal...

Sing We Noel — Let the Christmas Carol Insurg...

1 day ago
The word “mob” rightfully has a bad rap, since when large groups of people suddenly...