St. Monica: Everybody's Supermom

1 hour ago
Painting of Augustine of Hippo and his mother Monica of Hippo by Ary Scheffer (1795 – 1858)...

A Book That Will Help You Get Your Kids To He...

2 hours ago
Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s new book, Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide to Raising...

Book Notes: First and Goal

4 hours ago
As the parent of a diabetic teenager, I was eager to read First and Goal, a devotional book for...

Chiesa Italy

When Bergoglio Was Peronist. And He Still Is

1 day ago
The discussion is raging over Francis's political vision. The judgment of one Argentine scholar of...

Political Ecumenism. With the Technocrats and...

6 days ago
Pope Francis has put himself at the head of the anticapitalist “popular movements.” But...

From Perón to Bergoglio. With the...

2 weeks ago
The presidential election in Argentina is drawing attention back to the political vision of Pope...

Church Mojo

A million .xyz domains

1 month ago
#GenXYZ, it’s official. We hit the MILLIONTH* .xyz domain mark! As a team, we had to do something...

Talking SEO on the Productive Catholic Podcas...

3 months ago
On May 7, 2015 I appeared on Dean Soto’s Productive Catholic podcast. Here are some of the...

#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday...

6 months ago
Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen...


Saint Monica

6 hours ago
Today the Church remembers Saint Monica (331 – 387), widow and mother of St. Augustine of...

Franciscans by the 2015 numbers

8 hours ago
I’m always curious to where the various religious orders are in terms of ministry and the...

John Paul I’s anniversary of election

1 day ago
Today in 1978, Albino Luciani, the Patriarch of Venice, was elected the Roman Pontiff. He took the...

Creative Minority Report

The Futility of Enhancing Your Kids

5 hours ago
*subhead*Windows 95*subhead*This is the cover of the current issue of The Economist.I am sure this...

Don't Panic Today Cuz You Should Have Pa...

3 days ago
Don't get freaked out today no matter what the market does. Days like this are baked in. You...

Awesome Vid: Judge Bars Band from Playing Hym...

3 days ago
This is beautiful.I'll give you a little background first but you can already guess most of it as...

Credo Catholic

Of missions and mercy

1 month ago
In case some of you are keeping track, we have completed another cross-country move. God's...

Out of an endless summer

3 months ago
This year I missed out on experiencing the seasons as I always had. We moved to Florida from...

Fifty Shades: What hits the fan

6 months ago
Ladies, who are we kidding with this? Ourselves. Each other. If you have happened upon this series...

Crisis Magazine - Church

A Time to Kill

9 hours ago
In the 1996 crime drama film A Time to Kill, a ten-year-old black girl named Tonya is violently...

The Pointless Campaign to “Save Marriage”

9 hours ago
Defenders of marriage and the traditional family continue to lose battle after battle to the...

The Problem with Pews

1 day ago
The queen consort of George V was consistent in her sense of duty and unswerving in how she...

Decent Films Guide

Back to school #WebsiteWednesday

1 week ago
It’s been a hot week here at XYZ’s sunny Santa Monica office, so we’re beyond excited for the fall...

XYZ is hosting August’s SoCal Domainers Meetu...

1 week ago
And you’re invited! In LA? Join us for this month’s SoCal Domainers Meetup, hosted by yours...

What makes a great domain?

1 month ago
#GenXYZ, have you taken TheChallenge.xyz yet? If you think you can register the best domain name...

Defend Us in Battle

Suffering makes us seek the light.

3 weeks ago
Suffering, little sufferings, big sufferings – it makes us seek the light. In larger...

Comméndo te omnipoténti Deo, caríssima soror

3 months ago
I commend you, my dear sister, to almighty God, and entrust you to your Creator. May you return to...

“It was fitting that Christ should be tempted...

6 months ago
As someone drawn to Dominican spirituality, and as a Thomist, I read “Meditations for Lent...

Diocese of Westminster

Mgr Miles marks 65 Years of Priesthood

1 month ago
Cardinal Vincent was the principal celebrant at the Thanksgiving Mass for Mgr Freddie in the Chapel...

Deacon Guido Amari ordained for the Diocese

1 month ago
The Ordination Mass was celebrated by the Right Rev. John Arnold, Bishop of Salford and former...

Mass of Thanksgiving for Religious at Kentish...

1 month ago
A Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated on Saturday June 15th in Kentish Town in the parish church of...


A Simple Adventure

9 hours ago
Every so often, we come across a news story about an adventurer. Maybe someone is sailing around...

Mother Teresa’s Gift Registry

1 day ago
Today marks what would have been Mother Teresa’s 105th birthday. Rather than muse on what she might...

Wealth, Power, and Holiness

2 days ago
Recall the story of the rich young ruler (Luke 18). He walks away sad because he cannot accept...



1 day ago
The release of the first Planned Parenthood sting video—in which Deborah Nucatola,...

Sexual Assault on Campus

1 day ago
The riveting and painful news accounts of the St. Paul’s School rape trial are...

University Ethics

1 day ago
  Yesterday morning I was in the gym and something from the Law and Order franchise...