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An Open Letter to the People of Scotland

1 hour ago
Dear Scotland: I understand that sometimes it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the...

The First American Saint

5 hours ago
In 1805, Elizabeth Ann Seton left the Episcopal Church and became Catholic. In the mind of the...

Cardinal O’Malley Reacts to New Proof That Ob...

18 hours ago
  A new report issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on September 15 has...

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Word On Fire — A BIG Update for Fr. Barron’s...

1 month ago
Word On Fire We are BIG fans of Fr. Barron and his wonderful teaching ministry with Word On Fire...

Sweet Tweets for April 25, 2014 – The “Popefe...

4 months ago
This edition of Sweet Tweets this week is being posted here at Catholic Web Services, because my...

Finding Images for Your Website & Blog

8 months ago
Google has just made finding images that you can use without worrying about licensing and...

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Is Ascension a Holy Day of Obligation?

3 months ago
The 40th day of Easter is Ascension Thursday, the day on which (the Bible tells us) Jesus Christ,...

Ascension Thursday Sunday?

3 months ago
A reader writes: Why is Ascension Thursday a Holy Day of Obligation in some areas [of the United...

World Day of Prayer for the Church in China

3 months ago
In May 2007, Pope Benedict XVI released a Letter to Chinese Catholics, in which he asked that May...


Surprised by Motherhood: One Mom’s Top Ten

1 hour ago
This weekend my daughter turns one! We are having a little party to celebrate our sweet girl, but...

Our First Family Meeting

2 hours ago
After two weeks of the back-to-school routine, I told my husband, Philip, that I felt like I was a...

Pad Phet (a spicy Thai stir-fry), a New Glute...

4 hours ago
Do you love a good spicy Thai stir-fry now and then for something different that is bursting with...

Chiesa Italy

Vatican Diary / Exile to Malta for Cardinal B...

1 day ago
As the impeccable prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, he is on the verge of...

Reigning and “Emeritus.”...

3 days ago
It is an unprecedented innovation in the history of the Church. With many unknowns still unresolved...

Vatican Diary / Forty new bishops in Italy, a...

1 week ago
That is how many will pass the age limit by the end of 2015. A golden opportunity for Pope Francis...

Church Mojo


3 months ago
Hey #GenXYZ! Just one week into general availability, Daniel Negari and the rest of us on the XYZ...

How Church Imitates Baseball – #OpeningDay

5 months ago
Opening Day in 2014 falls right after Laetare Sunday, giving us two opportunities to recognize that...

Mass Madness Church Brackets

6 months ago
March Madness brackets for Catholics and church-goers. Who do you have going to the Faithful Four?...


Vigil for Persecuted Christians at Quinnipiac

10 hours ago
Here is a photo essay for Persecuted Christians at Quinnipiac University that happened last evening...

New Oratorian Saint –Joseph Vaz

1 day ago
This morning during a meeting with the Prefect of the Congregation for Saints Cardinal Amato, the...

Our Lady of Sorrows

3 days ago
Today, Pope Francis delivered this homily for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows: “Jesus came into...

Creative Minority Report

My Favorite Headline About Cardinal Burke

3 hours ago
Wow. I love this headline about Cardinal Burke from International Business Daily.Is Pope Francis '...

You Can't Win!

6 hours ago
*subhead*If You Strike Me Down...*subhead*

The Humiliation Of Cardinal Burke

9 hours ago
If the rumors about Cardinal Burke are true, the Pope will enter the No Spin Zone.See why I thinks...

Credo Catholic

The fantastical story of the prodigal son

1 day ago
There has been a lot of chatter about the parable of the Prodigal Son lately, and it usually ends...

These are my children

3 weeks ago
As I awake this morning, I am lying in bed and checking the world news. In doing so, I come across...


3 weeks ago
From time to time over the past few years, my children have checked my blog. "Mom, when are you...

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The Serpents Return to the Irish

13 hours ago
Jesus reached out to harlots. He did not reach out to their harlotry. Jesus reached out to...

GOP Answer to “War on Women”: Capitulation

13 hours ago
A little while back in Crisis, I wrote about how supposedly pro-life Catholic candidate for a...

St. John Chrysostom: The Golden Voice of Love

13 hours ago
The days around September 14 are filled with celestial graces for those who can perceive and...

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Article: Superhero Movies and Catholic Faith

6 days ago
Less than two months ago, the British Catholic writer Stratford Caldecott died after a lengthy...

Article: Hollywood After September 11, 2001

1 week ago
The shadow of September 11, 2001 over Hollywood still lingers.

Review: Calvary (2014)

1 week ago
Sometimes misleadingly described as a dark comedy, Calvary is certainly dark, and there are...

Defend Us in Battle

Test – Ignore

1 month ago
Test St. Michael, Defend us in battle…

Where is God in all of this? – Robin Williams...

1 month ago
While many are listing their favorite movie, their theological arguments about the state of his...

Help Fr. Kenneth Walker’s (FSSP) family atten...

3 months ago
It is the tragic story that rocked the Catholic community this week. If you can, please help his...