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Big in Japan

3 months ago
Which one of the XYZ videos was your favorite, #GenXYZ? As the domain extension for every website,...

Word On Fire — A BIG Update for Fr. Barron’s...

5 months ago
Word On Fire We are BIG fans of Fr. Barron and his wonderful teaching ministry with Word On Fire...

Sweet Tweets for April 25, 2014 – The “Popefe...

9 months ago
This edition of Sweet Tweets this week is being posted here at Catholic Web Services, because my...

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Is Ascension a Holy Day of Obligation?

8 months ago
The 40th day of Easter is Ascension Thursday, the day on which (the Bible tells us) Jesus Christ,...

Ascension Thursday Sunday?

8 months ago
A reader writes: Why is Ascension Thursday a Holy Day of Obligation in some areas [of the United...

World Day of Prayer for the Church in China

8 months ago
In May 2007, Pope Benedict XVI released a Letter to Chinese Catholics, in which he asked that May...


Last Call to Win Books a-Plenty in This Week’...

5 hours ago
Thanks to our sponsors this week: Aquinas and More, Franciscan Media, Our Sunday Visitor, Sophia...

The Complete Unwind Dystology

11 hours ago
If you are a student of languages and how words are formed, then when you hear the word dystology...

Marriage: Drawn Into the Trinity

13 hours ago
Image: Wikimedia Commons. Painting of the Trinity, on the ceiling of the choir. Painting of 1868 by...

Chiesa Italy

“La Civiltà Cattolica...

1 day ago
Fr. Joseph Fessio distances himself from the criticisms made by one of his confreres of the Roman...

Bishops of the Philippines Under Pressure. Ex...

3 days ago
The Jesuit of “La Civiltà Cattolica” Pierre de Charentenay rebukes the bishops...

Francis Flogs the Curia. But What a Gap Betwe...

1 week ago
The summit on the reform of the Church’s central government is approaching. But in the...

Church Mojo

Exciting .xyz contest update

3 weeks ago
.xyz Web Design Contest alert! Due to popular demand, we are extremely happy to announce that the ....

Calling all web designers!

3 weeks ago
Happy 2015, #GenXYZ! We hope the new year started off amazingly for each and every one of you. Here...


7 months ago
Hey #GenXYZ! Just one week into general availability, Daniel Negari and the rest of us on the XYZ...


Saints in one family

7 hours ago
A while ago I borrowed a phrase: saints beget saints. This seems to be VERY  true –even, and...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

1 day ago
Blessed feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas!

Rainbow coalition

1 day ago
This is a rather unfortunate photograph of some Russian Orthodox bishops. While I am confident that...

Creative Minority Report

Holocaust Survivor Can't Talk in Schools...

55 min ago
The "C-word" is, of course, Christ. Anita Dittman survived Hitler and the Nazis. Born Jewish, she...

Catholic Relief Services Does WHAT??

9 hours ago
You gotta love Michael Hichborn (Lepanto Institute). He is a guard dog who has chomped on the leg...

This is Real. Jeff Bridges' Super Bowl C...

16 hours ago
Oh my. I don't even know what to say anymore. I just don't. While this may not be a sign of the...

Credo Catholic

Je suis Flopsy

1 week ago
Oh, rabbits. Lots of people are talking about them. Their cuteness, their reputation as prolific...

Prayer as foundation for action

2 months ago
We humans like to be busy. Our culture is a frenetic mix of those who seek constant action. On one...

Veronica's veil

2 months ago
In recent years, many Catholics have become increasingly aware of the Church's humanness. The...

Crisis Magazine - Church

Retrieving Apologetics

16 hours ago
A number of Catholics, including theologians, think that the Church should not engage in...

The God of Sundays

17 hours ago
In the year 1617, King James issued his famous Declaration of Sports, a document which would be...

Needed: A New Church Policy toward Islam [Pt....

1 day ago
In a speech to Egypt’s top Islamic authorities, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called for a “...

Decent Films Guide

Review: Unbroken (2014)

1 month ago
Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken is an honorable movie about an inspiring true story. It is...

Post: Annie (2014)

1 month ago
I want to say I love the idea for Little Orphan Hushpuppy … but I’m not convinced there...

Article: How <i>The Hobbit: The Battle...

1 month ago
Changes like these are sadly typical of the Hobbit prequel trilogy, which is far cruder and less...

Defend Us in Battle

“You will be hated by all because of MY name”

2 weeks ago
The Pope’s comments on the France terrorist attacks, are well — interesting. I am sure...

Vandalism at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchora...

1 month ago
Long time, no blog – but unfortuantely I come bearing bad news. Holy Family Cathedral in...

Test – Ignore

5 months ago
Test St. Michael, Defend us in battle…

Diocese of Westminster

Two New Deacons Ordained for the Diocese

6 days ago
Saturday 17 January was a day of celebration at Allen Hall, the diocesan seminary, as three new...

Two New Deacons Ordained for the Diocese

1 week ago
Saturday 17 January was a day of celebration at Allen Hall, the diocesan seminary, as three new...

Two New Deacons Ordained for the Diocese

1 week ago
Saturday 17 January was a day of celebration at Allen Hall, the diocesan seminary, as three new...