Incarnation and Modernity

The Playground of Grace

1 week ago
_____ If the spiritual life were a playground, we would discover in it a lost innocence. Everything...

Ascending to Marital Union

1 month ago
_______ On first glance, the ideal of marital union is a paradox. It comprises composite parts, it...

Divinity In The Flesh

2 months ago
At the eve of Passion Week we pause and return to the beginning of Christ’s life on earth...

Integrated Catholic Life

God was Present at Our Engagement

15 hours ago
I am getting married! I cant believe it, but get this, to top it all off—she is the woman of my...

Catholic Quote of the Day — from St. Josemarí...

15 hours ago
“Christian couples should be aware that they are called to sanctity themselves and to sanctify...

Encountering the Word — Genesis 1:26-28

15 hours ago
A Daily Quote from Sacred Scripture Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our...

Jimmy Akin.org

The Weekly Francis – 26 May 2015

2 days ago
This version of The Weekly Francis covers material released in the last week from 30 April 2015 to...

Did Pope Francis say it doesn’t matter what k...

3 days ago
Recently I’ve received several queries about a video message that Pope Francis sent to an...

The Weekly Francis – 19 May 2015

1 week ago
This version of The Weekly Francis covers material released in the last week from 30 April 2015 to...

Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer

Saying Goodbye to My 20s

3 days ago
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean as seen from my alma mater.On Saturday I turn 30 years-old... and I...

Where is the Trust?

6 days ago
While I was praying the Pentecost novena a couple of nights ago, I had a very interesting thought...

Pressure About My Vocation Discernment

1 week ago
After writing about my vocation confusion and fear, I got a number of great, supportive messages (...

Life is a Prayer.com - Jeff Geerling's Blog

Kenrick Plaza Walmart Redevelopment - April 2...

1 month ago
In October, I gave an October 2014 update Walmart redevelopment at Kenrick Plaza in Shrewsbury, MO...

New standing desk, a Raspberry Pi cluster, an...

2 months ago
I feel like I've been neglecting this blog for too long—the main reason is probably that most of my...

Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden

5 months ago
The Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden is in it's second year, and it seems to already be...


Federal Court Strikes Down Pro-Life Idaho Law...

1 hour ago
A federal appeals court has struck down a pro-life law in Idaho that bans abortions after 20 weeks...

Scott Walker Doubles Down: Yes, Ultrasound Im...

2 hours ago
Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker went after the pro-abortion media and pro-abortion...

North Carolina Senate Initially Passes Pro-Li...

2 hours ago
The North Carolina state Senate has initially approved a bill that would put in place a 72-hour...


Myanmar forces Muslim minority to space child...

31 min ago
'This law targets one religion, one population, in one area.'

We need strong Catholic identity to face ‘tsu...

53 min ago
The archbishop of Washington, D.C., says the ‘experimentation and confusion’ after Vatican II...

What to do when your own child is a sex abuse...

1 hour ago
Many parents are putting themselves in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's shoes and asking: What would I...

Lisa Hendey.com

KNXT Video Blog: The Church and Water

4 hours ago
Here’s a small “video blog” I filmed recently for my home diocese “KNXT on...

Two New Interviews with Lisa

2 months ago
This week, two new opportunities to share about my work, The Grace of Yes, and our family are now...

Lisa on The Catholic Life

3 months ago
I was very honored to recently appear on the great show “The Catholic Life” out of the...



2 years ago
Due to the lack of time and resources, LOLSaints will not have any new content for the forseeable...

St. Ignatius: The Dragonborn?

2 years ago
I know, I know, people are already...

A site after our own hearts

2 years ago
Check out Catholic Memes, a site after our own hearts! They have a ton of funny Catholic memes to...

Lux Occulta

‘Irish Times’ article lifts from this blog

1 month ago
The Irish Times has today published an article entitled Mass in the vernacular 50 years old this...

Collapse of Catholic weddings in Ireland

1 month ago
This morning the Central Statistics Office released a new report with statistics on marriages and...

A Scot who shook the Maynooth progressives

1 month ago
Three years ago I uploaded to this blog a marvellous 1973 exposé of the post-conciliar...

Making Things Visible

Can A Non-Catholic Be A Martyr?

2 days ago
Can A Non-Catholic Be a Martyr?The Council of Florence, in the Bull on Union with the Copts:[The...

Succumbing To Darkness

2 days ago
"In 1248 it happened at Paris that a cleric was to preach before a synod of bishops; and while he...

Confusing Papacy

4 days ago

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