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Is being “slain in the Spirit” the same as co...

16 hours ago
Dear Dan, I have experienced what people call “resting in the spirit” or being “slain in the spirit...

Catholic Quote of the Day — from Dr. Peter Kr...

1 day ago
“Our culture has filled our heads but emptied our hearts, stuffed our wallets but starved our...

Encountering the Word — Psalm 105:1-2

1 day ago
“O give thanks to the Lord, call on his name, make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him,...

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The Weekly Francis – 20 October 2014

1 week ago
This version of The Weekly Francis covers material released in the last week from 2 – 19...

St Luke: 10 things to know and share

1 week ago
October 18th is the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist. Who was he and what do we know about him?...

Good news from the Synod of Bishops! 12 thing...

2 weeks ago
The last couple of days have brought some good news from the current synod of bishops on the family...

Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer

Confession: I Like the Duggars, Okay?

1 day ago
I like the Duggars, okay? Sue me. 19 Kids and Counting is my guilty pleasure show. I don't watch...

St. Jude, My Reversion, and Earthquakes

3 days ago
Happy St. Jude (and St. Simon!) feast day! St. Jude is a huge reason why I reverted to the Faith so...

Memorare: When Life Doesn't Make Sense

1 week ago
"Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary..." I have no idea how I managed to survive the weirdest 24...

Life is a Prayer.com - Jeff Geerling's Blog

Ansible for DevOps and #vBrownBag DevOps pres...

2 days ago
In the middle of preparations for next month's Souls & Goals soccer match, I've also been very...

Souls and Goals - 2014 Soccer Game

4 weeks ago
Yours truly, sitting down on the job. Image from the St. Louis Review. It's almost time again for...

Kenrick Plaza Walmart Redevelopment - October...

1 month ago
As a resident of the City of Shrewsbury for the past 10 years, and someone who lives within walking...


Pro-Life Candidates Poised to Take Over Senat...

21 min ago
Harry Reid’s days as the pro-abortion leader of the U.S. Senate appeared to be numbered as...

Woman Accused of Killing Her Newborn Baby and...

1 hour ago
An Alabama woman who has been accused of killing her newborn baby and dumping the body in a storage...

Pro-Lifers Find Chicago Abortion Clinic Close...

1 hour ago
On Wednesday, the Pro-Life Action League took to the streets of Chicago for a “Face the Truth” Day...


Where in the world is the #XYZsquad?

6 days ago
The #XYZsquad has had a long couple weeks. First was the international ICANN conference, which was...

Voices of orthodox bishops heard in full publ...

1 week ago
The summaries produce a picture very different to the mid-term report or ‘Relatio’ released Monday.

France looks to axe long-standing benefits to...

1 week ago
Mgr Jean-Louis Brunin, bishop of Le Havre, said the government 'has crossed the red line.'

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Lisa at October 06, 2014 at 06:46PM

3 weeks ago
Today in my life: Almost home!

Lisa at October 05, 2014 at 10:32AM

3 weeks ago
Today in my life: In front of the library on a special weekend with an awesome young man!

Beautiful day on the Notre Dame campus! #GoIr...

3 weeks ago
Today in my life: http://ift.tt/1vHcPzf



1 year ago
Due to the lack of time and resources, LOLSaints will not have any new content for the forseeable...

St. Ignatius: The Dragonborn?

2 years ago
I know, I know, people are already...

A site after our own hearts

2 years ago
Check out Catholic Memes, a site after our own hearts! They have a ton of funny Catholic memes to...

Lux Occulta

Jesus of Nazareth

2 months ago

True Peace

2 months ago

The Authority of the Church

2 months ago

Making Things Visible

First Full Text of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

2 days ago
Message of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVIfor the naming of the reformed Aula Magnaof the Pontifical...

The Natural Law: By J. Maratain

3 days ago
Maritain: Natural law, the gnoseological elementNATURAL LAW is not a law written by men. Men know...

Cresendo - Pro Life Movie

4 days ago

Natural Design

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Neko's Scratch Pad

A New Look

2 months ago
In case you haven’t noticed, I just updated the look and feel of this blog. That’s...

A Whole New World

1 year ago
Oh boy, it’s been a really long time huh? This year has been a real roller-coaster ride for...

Tech Reviews #6: Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)

2 years ago
This post comes a little late since I’ve actually had this phone for a little more than a...