Add Your Feed

Adding Your Own Feed to Catholic News Live

Catholic News Live is no longer adding new feeds, as the service has been sunset.

We want to have every Catholic feed on the 'net. Have a blog? Newspaper? Archdiocesan or Diocesan website? Submit your feed URL and a short description to: [disabled]. We'll get it added as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Feeds

We typically take any Catholic RSS feed, but a few minimum criteria should be met:

  • The feed should be valid RSS or Atom XML - otherwise it's not really a feed!
  • The content should be mostly related to religion, and more specifically, Catholicism.
  • The feed should not post heretical stories, or endorse those who place themselves outside the Church.

Any feed which does not meet the above criteria will be removed from this website.

What is a Feed?

RSS feeds are part of what makes the social web work - everyone's using feeds (Twitter, blogs, etc.) to send their website's content to various subscribers, services, and social media outlets. A feed takes any new postings from someone's blog, website, or social stream, and tells anyone or any service subscribed to the feed when it's been updated.

This website grabs various feeds from around the Catholic web, and then sorts them on the front page and on Channels, so you can easily browse the latest in Catholic news, events, humor, and opinion in the easiest possible manner.